Global brand vision for Wushan Crispy Plums released in Beijing

2019-07-01 22:18 1176

BEIJING, July 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A new global brand vision for Wushan Crispy Plums, one of the high quality speciality fruits growing in Wushan Mountain, Southwest China, was released Monday during a culture event jointly organized by Chongqing Municipal Agriculture and Rural Committee and the Wushan County government in Beijing.

The new vision makes an organic combination of elements including mountains, waters, childhood, and plum picking-up, telling a vivid brand story. Three new packaging designs are also released, to cater for different consumer needs.

Located in the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, Wushan Mountain is the "East Gate" of Chongqing Municipality. It is situated at 30 degrees north latitude, traversed by the Yangtze River from east to west. Its unique ecological conditions make the maturity of Wushan Crispy Plums last from late June to the end of August, covering more than 50 days, which is about twice as many as that of other plum varieties.

Agricultural experts believe that the height of Wushan Mountain, which spans from 180 to 1,000 meters above sea level, the deep red sand soil layer with moderate acidity and alkalinity, and the humidity and gas permeability all guarantee outstanding quality for plums. According to professional testing, Wushan Crispy Plums, with juicy flesh, crispy and tender texture, and delightful fragrance, are rich in a variety of amino acids, high in vitamins and antioxidants, and can thus be called "an edible beauty product".

Wushan County has a history of plum cultivation spanning nearly one thousand years since the Tang and Song Dynasties. In recent decades, as its planting technology has been continuously optimized, Wushan Crispy Plums have won a number of national qualification certificates, including the "Agro-product Geographical Indications" and the Gold Award for plums, which grant the reputation of the "Hometown of China's Crispy Plum" to Wushan County. Professional institutions estimated the brand value of Wushan Crispy Plums to be at 1.334 billion yuan, ranking first in all national plum varieties.

Wang Congping, director of the Agricultural and Rural Committee of Wushan County, said that the county will continue to exert its efforts in large-scale planting, scientific and technological management, brand building, and marketing, so as to consolidate the brand connotation of Wushan Crispy Plums and make it the first plum brand in South China.

Source: Wushan County Government
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