Guiyang Is Speeding up the Integrated Development of Big Data and Ecology

2021-05-07 22:07 1494

GUIYANG, China, May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A vehicle departed from the Guiyang Big Data Security Industry Demonstration Zone and headed for the north of the Economic Development Zone. This automobile is equipped with a sensor system, which can monitor the environment in real time.

Liu Weibo is the general manager of Guizhou Shumei Technology Co., Ltd.. He told the journalist of, "Provided by my company, this intelligent environment monitoring vehicle can collect all environmental data such as PM2.5 and transmit it to the smart environmental governance platform, thus advancing environmental sustainability."

To be specific, the data sets collected by the sensors will be stored in a database. Through the comprehensive analysis of data, the ecological issues of multiple regulatory departments can be solved in one step. In this way, not only can the costs of ecological governance be saved, but also the efficiency can be improved to a significant extent.

In addition, thanks to big data, the local government can enhance understanding of corporate emissions. Thus, the regulatory department can provide companies with better solutions to reduce emissions and improve environmental performance.

Liu continued," With fixed and limited monitoring scope, traditional environmental monitoring equipment is also costly, leading to the low efficiency. By comparison, big data has enabled scientific environmental governance. As the pace of data-driven system deployment accelerates, Guiyang will continuously gain recognition for sustainability."

Actually, this scenario represents in microcosm what is happening in Guiyang as a whole. In recent years, Guiyang has advocated the intersection of big data and ecological civilization. According to the local government, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Guiyang has established a scientific big data decision-making system integrating collection, analysis, comparison, early warning and rapid response.

Guiyang has also constantly optimized the ecological environment monitoring system, and a series of data-driven systems have been implemented. For instance, the local government has launched the One Map System of Ecological Environment Management, which gathers data of local pollution sources, as well as water, gas, soil, and solids. This system currently includes over 50 ecological environment element layers.

"In the past, we have accumulated great volumes of data, but its value did not fully realize. Now through the big data system, the historical data and real-time monitoring data can be combined, resulting in more scientific environmental governance," Cao Yang, deputy director of the Guanshan Lake District Ecological Environment Branch, told

He added, "The current big data solution has paved the way for the construction of ecological civilization, which can effectively promote a virtuous circle of sustainable ecological development in Guiyang."

As for the remarkable achievements, Guiyang has successively won more than 30 honorary titles such as National Sanitary City, National Ecological Civilization City, and China's Summer Capital.

According to preliminary statistics from the Guiyang Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the rate of good air quality in Guiyang reached 98.9% in 2020. Actually, the rate has exceeded 97% for three consecutive years, and the stable air quality has benefited the general public.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Guiyang will speed up the integrated development of big data and ecological civilization, facilitate sustainable urban and rural development, and flourish people's well-being.

Yang Bo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Guiyang Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau told, "during the next 5 years, the local One Map big data system will play an important role in Guiyang's ecology and environmental protection."

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