Hainan Airlines Will Receive a New A330-300 Aircraft this Month

2018-07-17 16:50 713

HAIKOU, China, July 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Hainan Airlines will receive the A330-300 aircraft by the end of July. It will be the first A330-300 aircraft that Hainan Airlines introduces this year, which is also be the 18th new A330-300 aircraft of the fleet.

Since 1993, Hainan Airlines has achieved 25 years of safe operations and has accumulated over six million hours of safe flights. Hainan Airlines' fleet is composed mainly of Boeing 737s and 787s as well as Airbus 330s. The introduction of A330 aircraft will improve the capacity of Hainan Airlines. The size of wide body jets of the company will also be expanded after the new A330 joined.

This Airbus A330-300 is able to contain 303 passengers, containing 279 seats in economy class and 24 seats in business class. All the business class seats feature herringbone that allow passengers to enjoy lie-flat beds and highly increased privacy, with direct access to the aisle. All 279 passengers can experience Thales Avant in-flight entertainment system, power supply of 110V and USB port.

Tianjin Airlines is also receiving a new A330-300 aircraft from Toulouse on July 17th, initially serving flights from Tianjin to Tokyo and Osaka, and planning flights from Tianjin, Xi'an, Chongqing to London, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. The new aircraft will help improve the capacity of Tianjin Airlines in the future.

Source: Hainan Airlines Co., LTD