Hankook Tea Green Tea Mix packed with the flavor of natural, healthy green tea

An easy-to-use powdered tea mix product launched by Hankook Tea is gaining popularity. The company has contributed to fostering tea culture, maintaining its 70-year tradition.
Hankook Tea
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SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hankook Tea Green Tea Mix, with the ingredients of green tea intact, is a perfect sweet blend of high-quality malcha (matcha) and pure cane sugar. Green Tea Mix is designed as a green tea beverage product that people of all ages can enjoy in variety of ways. Because the mix can be effortlessly blended regardless of temperature of milk, it is easy to make green tea latte and other variations such as green tea cappuccino and green tea ade. Also, Hankook Tea Green Tea Mix does not contain additives or food coloring, offering the natural, rich flavor of green tea.

Hankook Tea Green Tea Mix
Hankook Tea Green Tea Mix

Since green tea has the effect of lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, continuous consumption of green tea may help prevent fatty liver or arteriosclerosis. For this reason, it has long been loved by people as one of the most common teas, but there are many people who don't enjoy the unique, bitter taste of green tea.

Hojicha Mix, with a considerably lower caffeine content than regular green tea, is as popular as Green Tea Mix. Hojicha Mix is the right product for the people who want to enjoy tea but are hesitant due to their sensitivity to caffeine. Hojicha Mix, featuring nutty flavor distinctive from other regular green teas, is made from green tea leaves and stems strongly roasted by strong heat. Like Green Tea Mix, Hojicha Mix can also be blended with milk to make Hojicha latte or used for parfait to highlight its unique, nutty and full-bodied flavor.

Because of the versatility, Hankook Tea Green Tea Mix and Hojicha Mix have been widely used in multinational coffee franchises and restaurants.

All teas produced by Hankook Tea help support a healthy life since they are made from 100% organic tea leaves grown at Honam Tea Estates directly managed by Hankook Tea. The company also runs tea retail business as part of its continuous effort to promote tea and teaware use for the purpose of sharing wisdom of drinking precious water through tea culture embedded in everyday life.

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