omniture introduces: Elice Signs Exclusive Partnership in Korea with Pluralsight, the No.1 Global B2B IT Education Company

2023-12-27 08:00 2243

 Global IT education content implemented by nearly 70% of FORTUNE 500 companies is now exclusively available in Korea through Elice LXP

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Elice Inc.(CEO Kim Jae-won), an educational training platform company, has executed an exclusive partnership in Korea with Pluralsight, the No.1 global B2B IT education company, for education content. Pluralsight is a global B2B IT education company where developers worldwide learn IT skills such as SW, programming, cloud, etc.

With this agreement, Elice has secured its exclusive sales rights to distribute Pluralsight's educational content in Korea. Elice will translate and localize Pluralsight's educational content into Korean using its unique AI technology and service through Elice LXP. Elice Inc. will continue to work closely with Pluralsight to expand the business in Japan, Singapore, and other countries.

Elice LXP's AI-powered technology optimized for education has drawn the attention of Pluralsight when deciding on the partnership. Elice LXP's AI dashboard predicts course completion based on data such as students' academic performance and learning patterns, ensuring everyone completes their studies effectively. Elice LXP has an average completion rate of over 80% and the number of learners is over 1 million.

Pluralsight utilizes the largest instructor network of IT professionals in the U.S. and globally to deliver the best courses in SW, cloud, AI, and security. In particular, it includes advanced SW content, such as AWS, MS Azure, GCP, etc., and global network and security certification courses that are difficult to access in Korea.

Elice Inc. has introduced educational content on cloud, security, certifications, etc., in Elcademy, Elice's hands-on AI education brand, reflecting recent industry trends.

About Elice Inc.

Founded in 2015, Elice Inc. is an AI Edtech platform company that implements a virtual coding environment for education and provides customized training solutions with Elice LXP, the first educational training platform in Korea to apply AI technology to education. It offers customized DX training to 1,600 customers, including large companies, universities and government and public institutions.

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