Havas Health & You Becomes First Agency to Launch Creative Analytics Practice

Havas Health & You
2019-10-16 22:02 609

Partners with Creative Technology Platform VidMob to Provide First-Party Creative Data Solution

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With digital visual ad content reaching staggering global numbers, it's becoming more and more paramount that agencies which engage in broad scale digital marketing understand how to optimize and generate the most ROI online. Havas Health & You, the world's largest health-and-wellness network, announced today the formation of a custom creative tech platform that will enable all of its clients to leverage machine learning and computer vision technology to better understand the creative drivers of marketing success in digital. Havas Health & You's new platform analyzes their clients' entire ad catalogue, tags all possible creative attributes on a frame-by-frame basis, and then compares that attribute data to performance data in order to surface deep insights on the performance of advertising creative.

To build the solution, Havas Health & You has partnered with VidMob, an award-winning creative technology platform. Using a customized version of the company's Agile Creative Studio solution, the output will be creative insights that are immediately actionable. While VidMob already partners with most major digital advertising platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn, this announcement marks VidMob's first large-scale agency partnership.

In addition to the technology platform, Havas Health & You also announced that it is working with VidMob to establish an in-house data-science practice, specifically trained for the healthcare vertical. This new Havas practice will have one of the broadest category-specific data sets in the nascent creative data field, making it instantly valuable as a learning resource for the agency's clients.

"First-party data systems are a priority for clients in today's landscape, with creative data marking an important new frontier," said Donna Murphy, Global CEO of Havas Health & You. "We wanted to build the right platform, with the right partner, to give our clients access to a deeper understanding of their creative's effectiveness, with access to useful data that they can react to quickly and cost-effectively."

"Havas Health & You has been first to move on several important technology partnerships," said Greg Erdelyi, Director of Agency Partnerships, VidMob."The combination of their creative expertise and VidMob's technology platform should serve as a model for how agencies can grow a modern, data-driven digital practice."

While terms of the relationship were not disclosed, Havas Health & You did confirm that the new service will be available immediately to all of its clients.

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VidMob is an award-winning, first-of-its-kind, full stack creative technology platform that offers video creation, analytics and optimization to deliver a continuous flow of high-performance digital video ads. VidMob has received top industry accolades and is a Certified Creative Partner of Facebook, Instagram, Google/YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. With a mission to evolve creativity for the better, VidMob allocates a portion of every dollar earned to fund video ad production for non-profit organizations. Most recently, VidMob received the Facebook Storytellers Award and the Global and North America Johnson & Johnson James E. Burke Marketing Award for Data Inspired Creativity. Learn more about VidMob at

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