Hitachi Elevator Provides 201 Escalators to Shanghai's Metro Line 15

The new metro line opens for trial operation with Hitachi's latest vertical transportation solutions in place

SHANGHAI, Feb. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 23, Shanghai Metro Line 15 opened for trial operation. The line, featuring the highest level of fully autonomous driving, is the longest (in terms of kilometers of track) ever in China to be opened for service in one go. Hitachi Elevator provided 201 escalators for 14 of the stations along the line from Gubei Road to Gucun Park. The escalator producer will also supply the maintenance services.

Shanghai Metro Line 15
Shanghai Metro Line 15

Shanghai Metro Line 15 starts at Gucun Park (the northern point) in Baoshan District, passes through Putuo, Changning and Xuhui districts, and ends at Zizhu High-Tech Industrial Development Park in Minhang District (the southern point). The 42-kilometer line runs its full length underground, stopping at 30 stations, 29 of which are open for trial operation at this time.

Hitachi BPG series of public transportation escalators were selected for this project. In response to the characteristics of Shanghai Metro's traffic, with steep peaks and valleys in passenger flow, the escalators were designed with stronger component strength, as well as better drive and braking performance than industry standards, and are equipped with more than 30 safety devices capable of coping with the high demand and ensuring in all aspects the safety of passengers.

In serving China's rail transportation sector, Hitachi Elevator has rich experience in products, services and solutions with the capacity to handle all possible scenarios in urban rail transportation. To date, Hitachi Elevator products and services have been the choice of rail transit projects in 24 cities across China. Hitachi Elevator plans to deploy the latest technologies including artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of Things to provide the country's urban rail transit systems with the best in vertical transportation solutions.

Source: Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.