Hohem Announced Upgraded Version of iSteady X, iSteady X2 Is Coming With More Stunning Features and Remain Ultralight

2021-06-22 23:30 1035

SHENZHEN, China, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- iSteady X2 is an upgraded version of iSteady X, it maintains the advantages of iSteady X, and remains the ultra-light design of 259g. It can fold down to the size of a smartphone, which is very easy to carry and convenient for outdoor shooting. iSteady X2 has some stunning new features and will bring users a better shooting experience.

iSteady X2 is equipped with a customized multi-function remote control which is convenient for users to control the gimbal remotely. It adopts a fast connection scheme and is ready to use immediately after powering on. This remote control is not only limited to take a photo or video but also can switch the landscape and portrait mode, take auto-inception video, and many other functions. If there is no obstruction and signal interference in a straight line, the effective distance of the remote control is up to 10 meters.

iSteady X2 stays the same size as the original iSteady X but comes with a better battery. The battery life has been upgraded from 8 hours to 10 hours, and meets the demand for all-day shooting. More importantly, iSteady X2 has a Type-C charging port and supports two-way charging. It can use for emergency charging of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

For handle material, iSteady X2 also upgrades it to leather. The new handle is non-slip, resistant to dirt and scratch, soft to touch, and more comfortable for holding.

Besides, iSteady X2 can make a low-angle shot, provides cinematic video templates and intelligent interaction based on APP, such as moment mode, inception, dolly zoom, motion timelapse, and panoramic video. Templates are easy to use, just tap the button and iSteady X2 will automatically start to shoot.

iSteady X2 is available in two popular colors black and white, Hohem Announces 14% Off iSteady X2 available on Hohem AliExpress Store till June 25th.

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