Hoymiles Launches Its Newest Module-level Rapid Shutdown (RSD) System in the US, Thailand and Greater China

SHANGHAI, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Hoymiles Power Electronics Inc. ("Hoymiles" or "the Company"; Stock code: 688032), a leading smart energy solution provider and microinverter manufacturer, has announced that its latest module-level Rapid Shutdown (RSD) solution for roof-mounted string photovoltaic systems is now available in the United States, Thailand, and the Greater China region.

Designed in compliance with National Electrical Code (NEC) 2017/2020, UL1741, and SunSpec RSD requirements, the Hoymiles HRSD system meets the fire safety standards and offers industry-leading rapid shutdown functionality that can reduce the electrical voltage of solar panel systems to safe levels in less than 30 seconds after being initiated, giving both first responders and customers an all-round safety guarantee in case of emergencies.

Hoymiles rapid shutdown solution includes a Rapid Shutdown device (HRSD) and a Transmitter (or Transmitter Kit), forming a complete rapid shutdown system with an initiator and a string inverter. It comes in two options that grant the RSD system greater versatility, with HRSD-1C connecting to one PV module and HRSD-2C connecting to two, both supporting an input operating voltage range from 8V to 80V. Built to improve PV system and module operating efficiencies, the Hoymiles HRSD boasts a lower minimum start-up voltage of only 8V.

Setting the Hoymiles HRSD system apart from other products available on the market is the feature to support a wide range of input currents that include 15A, 20A, and 25A, meaning that the system is compatible with mainstream 166/182/210 solar panels. It is equipped with a 0.15/0.45-meter input cable and a 1.2/2.4-meter output cable, and Hoymiles also provides cables with customizable lengths for customers with different needs.

The Hoymiles HRSD system can operate safely and quietly in temperatures ranging from -40 to +85°C, and supports a maximum system voltage of 1000V/1500V. It features SunSpec™ power-line communication (PLC), streamlining the installation process and freeing users from extra network setups.

"Against the backdrop of global decarbonization, solar energy has become a reliable and cost-effective renewable source for commercial buildings. Ensuring the safety of PV systems has been among the top priorities for governments across the globe, which have issued a series of policies requiring manufacturers to equip rooftop solar arrays with a safety mechanism that can shut down malfunctional devices should emergencies occur. In order to meet ever-evolving RSD requirements, Hoymiles has leveraged its world-leading R&D capacity and expertise in the solar industry to develop one of the safest and most reliable RSD solutions for our customers," said Steven Zhang, Product Director of Hoymiles.

"However, our innovation and desire to improve solar energy systems don't stop here. We are glad to announce that Hoymiles will introduce our RSD system loaded with monitoring features in Q3 2022, which is designed to help solar installers better evaluate their PV system's performance and resolve faults more effectively," Steven added.

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Source: Hoymiles Power Electronics Inc.
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