Huadong Ningbo Medicine showcases biotechnological skincare brand SanteMuse at COSME TOKYO 2019 in Japan

CHIBA CITY, Japan, Jan. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese healthcare solution leader Huadong Ningbo Medicine Co., Ltd. showcased its biotechnological skincare brand, SanteMuse, at the 7th Cosme Tokyo & COSME Tech. It was the first time that the brand participated in the international exhibition, which takes place in Jan 30th - Feb 1st, 2019. As one of leading comprehensive cosmetics B2B trade fairs in Asia, the event has attracted an increasing number of exhibitors from around the world.

The SanteMuse booth has its unique eye-catching blue and white logo, and a streamlined and modern style coupled with the interior ornamental design located in booth No. 10-17, it reflected both oriental femininity and modern technologies. 

Huadong Ningbo Medicine showcases biotechnological skincare brand SanteMuse at COSME TOKYO 2019 in Japan
Huadong Ningbo Medicine showcases biotechnological skincare brand SanteMuse at COSME TOKYO 2019 in Japan

SanteMuse was well prepared for the event. With its unique 672 Magic™ Serum and Day and Night Serum Kit, displayed in the stylishly designed booth, it provided visitors from around the world with a new, world-class experience in biotechnological skincare products.

Outstanding R&D led by team of top Chinese and American scientists

With the strong backing of Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd., years of rich experience and a solid team of high-caliber technology talents, Huadong Ningbo Medicine established a close partnership with both US-based Sanova Dermatology and with the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University. This collaboration has successfully led to the research and development of global cutting-edge technologies.  

Under the lead of Dr. Dale DeVore, the father of collagen and a leading American scientist, Sanova had established an R&D center in Boston, Massachusetts, with a focus on the development of proprietary medical and skincare products. Sanova has now applied for four patents in the US.

Cutting-edge skincare technologies

In addition to nutritional ingredients naturally inherent in human skin, and additives-free high-intensity materials and cutting-edge biotechnology, SanteMuse has developed a few technologies including transdermal delivery (enhanced skin absorption ability) and hyaluronic acid serum (triple-effect moisture lock). These cutting-edge technologies aim to fundamentally improve the skin overall health by correcting deficits in traditional skincare products which normally tend to deliver temporary skin improvements.

Key product- 672 Magic™ Serum

672 Magic™ Serum, SanteMuse's key product, is a special skincare product that can be used alone or in combination with other products to promote absorption and penetration.

The Perecells™ active factor, the core ingredient in the 672 Magic™ Serum, was discovered by Sanova's team of scientists. In the process of studying the mechanism and effects of certain drugs, they found that it has remarkable anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects and can significantly enhance cell viability. As a result, they extracted 88 bioactive factors from more than 8,000 nutrients and came up with the Perecells™.

Tests have shown that Perecells™ can bind with cell receptors to promote cell growth, proliferation and differentiation, induce the production of fibroblasts, collagen and elastin, and facilitate skin regeneration. As a sesult, the continuous use of 672 Magic™ Serum can effectively reduce skin aging proplems, promote cell regeneration, enhance cell immunity while eliminating free radicals, delivering excellent anti-aging effects.

Looking ahead, 672 Magic™ Serum will inevitably replace traditional anti-aging skincare products and open up a new era of skin anti-aging solution.

Japan is just the beginning

Attending the Japanese exhibition was its very first step to test out international markets. SanteMuse plans to attend more large exhibitions in the US, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong in the near future, and to sign off more overseas agents, show its cutting-edge biotechnological skincare technology to the rest of the world.

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Source: Huadong Ningbo Medicine Co., Ltd.