HUAWEI AppGallery Connect Academy - Live Event Offers Actionable Insights and Empowers App Developers to Grow Their Business to New Levels

2021-03-29 09:00 1098

SHENZHEN, China, March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The HUAWEI AppGallery Connect Academy · Live event which will be held from 11:00 UTC+02:00 on March 31, 2021 will offer participants the opportunity to learn how to fully harness AppGallery's global distribution capabilities in order to stand out from the competition, grow their user base and monetize their apps.

Agenda of AppGallery Connect Academy·Live on March 31st
Agenda of AppGallery Connect Academy·Live on March 31st

The success of an app is not just dependent on the value it offers users, but also how efficiently it reaches them. How to acquire the most users? How to reach target users with optimal precision? How to improve monetization while continuing to acquire users?

HUAWEI AppGallery Connect app service platform is designed to help app developers improve development and operations efficiency, attract a wider range of users and generate greater revenue by offering end-to-end services at every step of the way from app innovation and development, to distribution, operations, and analysis.

Partner with AppGallery Connect to grow business, by harnessing global app distribution and broad-based device support.

As a top-3 global app marketplace, HUAWEI AppGallery has attracted over 530 million MAU in 170+ countries and regions by the end of 2020. And 2.3 million developers have partnered with AppGallery across the globe, achieving 384 billion app distributions on AppGallery in 2020 alone.

Apart from app distribution, AppGallery Connect can also provide rich operations and growth services to boost business success.

A/B Testing: Conduct group experiments to determine the best variant for apps.

In one notable example, an app development team split users into two groups to determine whether a new function could facilitate user engagement. With the help of A/B Testing, the team found the new function is attractive to users, and finally released it, which was proven correct, as the daily user activity duration rose by 15%.

Remote Configuration: Change how the app looks and works, without requiring users to update the app.

Sleep Sounds is an app that provides lullabies and natural white noise to help users fall asleep with greater ease. The Sleep Sounds team utilized the Remote Configuration service to make changes to their app, while also avoiding the need to release a new version. Just two weeks into using the service, Sleep Sounds saw an 8% increase in its number of users, and a 10% increase in user engagement.

App Linking: Provide a consistent link access across platforms and versions, for higher conversion rates.

For example, if some companies are planning a promotion in their apps, App Linking can help them place the promotional link on a diverse range of ad platforms. By tapping a link, the user can directly access the in-app content. Those users who have not installed the app will be redirected to HUAWEI AppGallery for download and installation.

App Messaging: Send contextual messages to engage users.

With the Call Screen app, users can choose from a range of customized incoming call skins. Its developer found that some of the new skins they had released were not being downloaded by many users. To address this, they used the App Messaging service to notify users of newly available skins, after obtaining the users' consent. The service helped increase the number of app users by 11% in just three weeks.

AppGallery Connect Academy · Live: We Connect, You Grow

To learn more about the operations and growth services in AppGallery Connect, please come to the "AppGallery Connect Academy  Live", held from 11:00 UTC+02:00 on March 31, 2021.

Source: Huawei consumer business group