Huawei officially launches Huawei Pay mobile payment in Thailand

2020-06-26 14:05 4166

BANGKOK, June 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) collaborates with UnionPay to launch the Huawei Pay in Thailand. Huawei Pay is a mobile payment tool that provides contactless, cashless payment service for HUAWEI device users. In Thailand, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thai) Public Company Limited is the first bank to support this service.

First introduced to the China market in August 2016, Huawei Pay is a mobile payment service rooted on HUAWEI Wallet, which provides contactless, cashless payment service for HUAWEI device users, as part of the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

"We are pleased to extend our partnership with UnionPay and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to introduce Huawei Pay to the Thailand market. With Huawei Pay, users can turn their devices into an e-wallet to enjoy secure, easy and convenient payment experience," said the Director of Huawei Asia Pacific Consumer Cloud Service, Shane Shan.

Huawei Pay is one of the key services under the HUAWEI Wallet app that supports the Near Field Communication (NFC) payments in retail stores. Users can enable Huawei Pay by adding their bank cards to HUAWEI Wallet app and transact conveniently by tapping their Huawei devices to the payment terminal.

Huawei Pay is designed with security in mind -- it uses PIN or biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint recognition to authenticate customers for retail purchases. The HUAWEI Wallet app comes pre-installed in the newly launched HUAWEI P40 series, while for the existing HUAWEI smartphone models, the app can be downloaded from HUAWEI AppGallery, Huawei's official app marketplace.

In Thailand, the local merchandises support Huawei Pay including Boots, Emporium, Jaymart, Major Cineplex, Mr. D.I.Y, Sushi Hiro, Swarovski, Tesco Lotus, The Face Shop and more.

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