Huayi Tencent Entertainment Partners with Huayi Brothers for Joint Investment and Production of Roland Emmerich's Moonfall

Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company Limited
2020-01-17 10:42 7151

HONG KONG, Jan. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company Limited ("Huayi Tencent Entertainment" or the "Company"; stock code: 00419.HK; together with its subsidiaries collectively known as the "Group") is pleased to announce that the Company partners with Huayi Brothers, the Company's parent company, to jointly invest in and produce Moonfall, a Hollywood science fiction epic to be directed by Roland Emmerich, and has obtained the distribution right of the movie in China.

Moonfall will be jointly produced by Roland Emmerich, director of 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day series, Centropolis, Street Entertainment, Huayi Brothers and Huayi Tencent Entertainment. The story narrates that the moon is driven out of orbit by a mysterious force and collides toward the Earth, bringing doomsday to the Earth due to gravitational imbalance. Amid desperation, a seemingly disorganized squad decides to fight the final battle to protect the Earth and human kind.

The movie has achieved outstanding sale records in the 72th Festival de Cannes in 2019. AGC Studio will be responsible for its international sale, with Lionsgate seizing the distribution right in North America. The Group and Huayi Brothers have secured the distribution right in China. Shooting of the movie will start in this year.

Mr. Wang Zhonglei, Executive Director of Huayi Tencent Entertainment, expressed: "Roland Emmerich is a master of Hollywood science fiction movie and his works are loved by audiences in China. Moonfall is another masterpiece of him as he returned to his expertise, science fiction movie, after directing various movies that have shocked the world. No matter in terms of the production team or the story, the movie is full of space for imagination. Moonfall will be one of the important representing projects of the Group for entering international movie market with content production as entry point."

The Company entered into a cooperation framework agreement with Huayi Brothers in May 2019 to strengthen investment and distribution synergy, facilitating the Group's outstanding achievements in movie and entertainment industry in China and around the globe. Following the investments and developments in the past two years, the Group anticipates that 3 to 4 movies will be released globally in this year, which is expected to motivate the substantial boost of revenue and scale of the Group's entertainment and media business.

About Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company Limited

Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company Limited (Stock Code: 00419.HK) is a new media company integrating culture and entertainment. It produces quality international films, animations, and TV dramas, and invests in international entertainment companies through M&As and resource integration, aimed at building an integrated platform with both content development and online-to-offline entertainment channels. Currently, Huayi Brothers (Stock Code: 300027.SZ) and Tencent (Stock Code: 00700.HK) are the controlling shareholders of Huayi Tencent Entertainment.

About Roland Emmerich

Roland Emmerich is a famous Hollywood "science fiction movie master" who has been awarded Lifetime Achievement Award in Bavarian Film Awards, the highest honor in Germany movie industry. Since 1985, he has participated in over 30 movies including Independence Day, Independence Day: Resurgence, Stargate, Godzilla, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, White House Down and Midway etc., with accumulated global box office of more than USD$4 billion.

About Centropolis Entertainment Company Limited

Centropolis Entertainment Company Limited is movie production company jointly established by the famous Hollywood director and producer Roland Emmerich and his sister. Since 2017, in order to possess more exclusive copyright, Centropolis has been expanding its vertical movie business based on the foundation of traditional movie production. Since the epic Midway, Centropolis has been completing project financing independently and monitoring the whole process of the movie making from development, production, financing, delivering, global sale and marketing. Moonfall will be the second piece of work applying the same business model.

Source: Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company Limited
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