HyunA's New Single 'FLOWER SHOWER' Receives Gold Certification from KuGou

-- HyunA's New Single quickly gains traction on KuGou
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GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Korea's top diva and queen of performance, HyunA, returned with a new digital single 'FLOWER SHOWER' on November 5th, 2019, 2 years since the release of her last single. The song showcases HyunA's sexy, lovely, and vivacious nature, and the use of the metaphor of flowers in full bloom to describe one's prime years not only contributed to the song's popularity amongst her fans, but also captured the attention of both domestic and international media outlets.

KuGou's music list
KuGou's music list

HyunA's 'FLOWER SHOWER' instantly became a hit upon its release on KuGou, quickly earning a gold certification from the platform once it surpassed the 33,333 unit milestone. The success of the single did not stop there, as its popularity streak continued to push sales past the 40,000 unit mark.

Written and composed by internationally renowned Korean musician PSY, 'FLOWER SHOWER' draws in the audience from the start with the lyrics "dodododo." HyunA has created an iconic genre with her unique vocals combined with a loveable choreography, interwoven through a trendy track and playful beats. Such seem to be the reasons for 'FLOWER SHOWER's' success in digital sales on KuGou.

Fans, as well as KuGou, are rooting for HyunA as she continues to power through her music career.

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