Indonesian Agents Visit Tianjin Headquarters of AIMA Electric Vehicle

2023-10-18 17:55 1464

TIANJIN, China, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 17, a delegation of two-wheeled electric vehicle agents from Indonesia visited the headquarters of AIMA Electric Vehicle to witness the core production process of AIMA factories. AIMA hopes through this factory visit, to bring more fashionable products and good quality vehicles to Indonesian users, promote the development of Indonesian two-wheeled vehicle electric industry, and witness the historical moment of Indonesia's transformation from fuel vehicle to electric vehicle.

It is known that AIMA was founded in 1999 and entered the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry in 2004. Since its establishment, AIMA has been committed to the R&D, production and sales of two-wheeled electric vehicles, and has gradually grown into one of the leading enterprises in the global two-wheeled electric vehicle industry. It now has eight manufacturing bases, with sales exceeding 10 million units in 2022.  

AIMA Sci-Tech Group adheres to user-centered, fashion-oriented and technology-driven, develops from "engine MAX", "engine core power" to "engine 5" technology system. The upgrading of the core three-power technology and resistance reduction technology makes up for the large amount of energy loss generated by consumers in the real riding process, and realizes "Prolonged powering for 100km" under the comprehensive road conditions. AIMA leads the industry to truly enter the era of precise endurance for 100 km, and give users a genuine promise of endurance. AIMA also deploys fashion design to change people's travel, and its products have won many international design awards. It has diversified product fashion design innovation capabilities, rich models, and meets the pursuit of different consumer groups for fashion life and personality.

Fashion AIMA, Travel Freely. At present, AIMA is leading the global electric vehicle industry to develop rapidly towards differentiation, high-end, intelligence and internationalization. In the future, AIMA will continue to start from the needs of users and create good quality vehicles for global users.

Source: AIMA