Infinitus Celebrates World Environment Day with Multiple Environmental Protection Initiatives in Herb Planting and Production

GUANGZHOU, China, June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- To Celebrate World Environment Day, and acknowledge the need to protect the planet, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., a purveyor of health products and solutions, highlights multiple environmental protection initiatives in planting and production as part of its Chinese Herb Planting Management Model. Infinitus first introduced the Model in 2011 to achieve a win-win for environmental protection and the economy.

Under Infinitus' Chinese Herb Planting Management Model, the natural growth cycle of raw materials is followed, natural resources are rationally utilized, and the planting bases' ecological system is well protected. Modern science and technology are used to minimize the environmental impact of growing raw materials, ensuring the sustainable development of the business.

Included in the model, for instance, is a method of interplanting Fuling (also known as Poria cocos) and camellia trees to reduce soil erosion and ensure the sustainable use of land resources according to a strict timeline for harvesting Fuling to avoid overexploitation. In addition, the provision of free training and the creation of a white list and blacklist of pesticide for farmers has increased farmers' awareness of environmental protection and ensures manual operation and application of farm-house fertilizers; avoiding polluting the ground with residual pesticides. Infinitus has also made unified land planning for its ginseng planting base and implemented orderly planting, to maximize land utilization rate and alleviate the pressure of over-harvesting.

Along with strictly implementing ecological and environmental protection in planting of raw materials, Infinitus also attaches importance to energy-saving measures at the stage of production. The company has successively transformed its production bases to an energy-efficient model. In 2019, Infinitus has upgraded the photovoltaic modules at its Xinhui Production Base in south of China. The upgrade maximized and increased the power generation in the base from 28,398 kilowatt-hours in March to 65,910 kilowatt-hours in September in 2019. Meanwhile, the company has also worked to reduce the energy loss of the steam system, which is the largest energy consumption in the production base. Upon completion of the eight-month improvement project, the Base will save about 2,300 tons of steam per year, equivalent to 173,000 tons of natural gas cost.

Infinitus is also now able to recycle Chinese herb residues at its Xinhui Production base by reusing the treated residues as feed or organic fertilizer mixtures. From July to September 2019 alone, more than 1,260 tons of Chinese herb residues was reused.

Balance is a keyword in the health concept of Infinitus, as well as in its business development. By integrating the concept of environmental protection into each step of the company's operations, Infinitus remains committed to maintaining a balance between natural ecology and economic development, realizing the sustainable development of the industry. 

Source: Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.