Intellect launches a digital therapy app that makes therapy accessible to the masses

Psychologists and founders team up to create a new approach to modern therapy that is radically more affordable and made for the masses.
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SINGAPORE, May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Intellect has launched an app that provides a new form of digital therapy without any human intervention.

Intellect launches a digital therapy app that makes therapy accessible to the masses
Intellect launches a digital therapy app that makes therapy accessible to the masses

Unlike typical wellness apps, Intellect's modern approach to therapy is developed by a team of psychologists and behavioral experts to help users manage their mental health, but more distinctively to help them hone and develop new behavioral traits using cognitive behavioral therapy.

The personalised app transforms conventional face-to-face therapy into bite-sized modern self-therapy sessions at users' own convenience. It tackles a variety of issues pertaining to their personal behaviors, relationships, and work habits, through comprehensive month-long programs they're calling 'Learning Paths' as well as more instant standalone 'Rescue Sessions'.

While the app utilises clinical methods such as CBT, Intellect emphasizes that the app is built for the everyday person to work on improving themselves, not just for the clinically distressed.

"There is a common misconception that therapy is meant only for those who are in dire need of professional medical help. However, common human hurdles that everyone experiences like chronic procrastination, low confidence & self-esteem, or trouble speaking with authoritative figures, are all issues that are mendable through therapy and working with a psychologist. That's what we're focused on building here." Intellect's co-founder and chief executive officer Theodoric Chew notes.

Since going live, they've had thousands of users organically signing up to get their hands on the app. Their hope is for Intellect to be able to open up a new category of modern therapy for the masses. They also shared that they have bigger plans to eventually become more than just an app company by pioneering new scientifically validated methods using different mediums to help people become better.

"We're trying to create a way that people can accessibly work on their personal psychology and wellbeing. Our broader vision is to make therapy a normal part of daily life, just like the direction meditation has been moving towards today, and not just something reserved for the clinically distressed or mentally ill."

They note however that Intellect is not meant to replace actual therapy just yet.

"Face-to-face therapy will always have an immensely beneficial effect on any individual, as it had on me during my personal therapy journey. We aren't here to replace professional medical help, but rather to substantiate and make more people able to access it." Theodoric shares.

In many parts of Asia, therapy is still heavily stigmatised despite the progress that's been made on a global level to increase the awareness and acceptance of mental health.

The main barriers they are trying to overcome are the high costs of therapy and the stigma that restrains the majority of people from seeking help. Most fundamentally, they want to build something that is easily scalable and accessible to the masses.

The team behind Intellect comprises of former startup founders and psychologists who collectively saw the need for a radically more affordable and accessible alternative to therapy, and sought out to create one.

Intellect already has multiple research studies lined up with leading institutions and universities over the next year to scientifically validate the efficacy of their approach and to further the field of digital therapy.

And as users would expect with anything related to therapy, maintaining privacy and confidentiality is extremely key to the company.

Intellect utilises zero-knowledge encryption to ensure that the user's entire journey on the app is fully private and secure. In simpler terms, this means that all user data is stored solely on the user's device which no one else (not even the company) is able to access. Their priority is to make certain their users know that their data is completely safe using the app.

Apart from their consumer app, Intellect also works with companies to provide a new layer of employee benefit coverage for their employees' wellbeing and mental health. They share that they currently are working with over 10 companies ranging from tech startups to a handful of larger MNCs.

Most importantly, the team at Intellect is now making the entire app free for consumers as well as companies during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, in hopes that their tool will be able to help those who might be in distress.

The app is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Intellect is a mental health tech company started by former founders and psychologists to create an alternative to therapy that is radically more affordable and accessible to everyone. Our mission is to allow anyone to be able to create a better version of themselves. You can also learn more at

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