International professionals experienced the wonders of the island of Hainan in China

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2020-09-28 20:07 1076

BEIJING, Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, "Be together, in a better Hainan" global delegation toured the entire island of Hainan island, China. The total 25 participants not only experienced the beauty of the island, they also dedicated themselves in terms of promoting the culture and tourism of Hainan on a global stage.

"To see it once is more important than to hear about it over 100 times. By experiencing the beauty of nature and amazing local culture, I really can feel the uniqueness of Hainan culture, meanwhile learning to understand and respect the uniqueness," said Syrian participant Sam.

As the first ever global tourism promotion after the new release of "Overall plan for the construction of Hainan free trade port" policy, the event was organized by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan province, aiming to promote global engagement, and promote the Hainan Free Trade Port global image in order to develop the island as the top tourist destination after COVID-19.

As part of the "Be together, be better" themed event series, participants from 16 different countries were selected to join the "Be together, in a better Hainan" tour. The delegation consisted of influencers, diplomats, tourism agency representatives, scholars, media experts, and entrepreneurs. They started on 19th September, 2020 in the city of Haikou for the around-the-island tour.

During the tour, local sceneries such as Haikou historical Qilou old street, Baoting tropical rainforest and the beautiful beaches along the Sanya coastline impressed the international visitors.

Ms Olga, the event hostess, is from the Russian Federation. She is an environmental activist and used to come to Hainan every year. But this time, Ms Olga observed a different view of what this island could offer, "The organizers have extremely taken care of us, which impressed me a lot on how much Hainan is focusing on eco-tourism development in a long run."

Another participant, from the Czech Republic, Ms Zina is a famous TikTok influencer. She documented the whole tour by hosting livestream sessions. Either enjoying coconut chicken soup, or making Cipa (traditional local food) with Li minority women, Zina showed her online community the best moments from this trip.

"What a wonderful trip, to enjoy the beauty of Hainan island at the most. And more importantly, the hospitality of Hainan people also impressed the delegation really a lot. This is what happens, when different cultures, different mindsets, and different concepts are jointly mixing together, to rediscover the beauty of Hainan. Event like this could generate more hope to our world, in terms of focusing on communication, engagement and cooperation. With that being said, a more opening, more sustainable and more welcoming Hainan, is now ready to welcome everybody from different parts of the world." This article is written by FAB World Culture & Comms Ltd.

Source: FAB World Culture & Comms Ltd.