International Road Trips Grow in Popularity, Zuzuche Offers Attractive Summer Vacation Discount

2018-07-05 15:51 719

GUANGZHOU, China, July 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Travel abroad has become quite popular in Hong Kong. According to statistics provided by Hong Kong municipal government, there were already 89.1 million Hong Kong residents going abroad, and each Hong Kong resident had departed from Hong Kong about 12.4 times in 2015. Now, the growth trend of overseas travel still continues. Due to a change in travel values, many young people prefer personalized experiences. Compared to other types of travel, a road trip fits this criteria, as it is more personal and more flexible. Therefore, road trips are increasingly popular among young customers.

The population of outbound car rental has dramatically increased this summer. Zuzuche, an outbound car rental and travel service platform has presented related information showing that the number of outbound car rental bookings has increased by 175% in June in the Hong Kong area and also will continue to grow in July and August . To satisfy the needs of travelers, Zuzuche is currently offering discounts on their products.

Zuzuche also noted that, because of the 2018 Russia World Cup as well as the convenience of getting a Russian visa, Russia has become one of the hottest travel areas this summer. Apart from that, Thailand, Japan, and other Asian countries are also popular destinations for a road trip. Zuzuche offers the discount of the top brand in car hire up to 50% off.

Zuzuche ( is the largest outbound online car rental platform in China, accounting for 76.2% of the market share in the industry. Its multi-lingual customer service enables the firm to effectively liaise Chinese tourists with car rental partners worldwide, and different additional services - such as portable WiFi, complementary insurance or Chinese GPS - ensure clients can enjoy a road trip tailored to their needs. Up to now, Zuzuche has provided flexible and reliable car rental services for millions of tourists from all over the world.