Introducing geneslim (tm), a new weight management innovation combining latest nutritional science, body contouring technology and genetics research

2021-02-05 08:08 1136

HONG KONG, Feb. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- geneslimtm, a new weight and health management program backed by latest nutritional science and genetics research, helps to manage weight and increases vitality for busy Hong Kongers.

geneslim (tm), the innovative weight loss program using latest nutritional and genetics research
geneslim (tm), the innovative weight loss program using latest nutritional and genetics research

"Combining nutritional science, body contouring, and healthy, delicious shakes, this 3-in-1 program helps participants to regain their health, through food management, better circulation and non invasive body fat reduction," Says the spokeperson of geneslimtm, the health management center located in Central, Hong Kong.

Weight gain and obesity is becoming a more common problem among younger population in Hong Kong. Being too heavy, is not only an appearance problem, but also a health one. It actually increases the risks for costly medical operations and other long term health issues. Prevention is always better than cure. Through nutritional science, geneslimtm can help young people to obtain better body shape, and also stay away from diabetes and other long term diseases.

geneslimtm improves health via 3 main delivery channels: "nutritional science", "technology assisted body contouring", and "ready made nutritional meals". Better nutrition is demonstrated to lead to better health, even better genetic expression.

geneslimtm the center, is a one stop shop for professional nutritional consultation, health products and also body contouring. The innovative offerings can help improve obesity, sleep problems and also hormonal imbalances. When our body is balanced, we turn back our body's age and reset metabolism.

According to scientific authorities in the U.S, nutrition is linked to human gene expression. geneslimtm can help manage weight and reduce body fat through better food management, and leads to better gene expression. Compared to traditional weight management programs, geneslimtm is a lot lower in cost, making it a very attractive option for people to regain their health.

Source: geneslim (tm) Hong Kong