IP of Pedestrian Street, Nanjing Road, Shanghai: Global Solicitation for Design of Logo and Mascot

The Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road
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SHANGHAI, Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road, as a prime venue for commerce and shopping in Shanghai, enjoys a laudatory title of the "number-one business street in China." For almost 150 years, it has led the business of China in its development and changes. It not only exhibits to the world the historical and cultural deposits of Shanghai and its image of the times but is also an important public space and shopping area for citizens and tourists.

Global Solicitation For Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street IP
Global Solicitation For Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street IP

In recent years, the Ministry of Commerce set forth the requirement to develop a number of pedestrian streets that would attain an advanced domestic or international level, going all out to build the theme "shopping in Shanghai" as a brand by constructing a demonstration zone in what China regards as an "international consumption city." In response to the call, the Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road has created the "most Shanghainese" shopping scenario, the most fashionable shopping atmosphere and the most international shopping experience so as to remold the new image of the "number-one business street in China" by aiming at building a world-class landmark business street, identifying the new trend of international consumption and going with the general upgrading of consumption. In 2018 and 2019, the city completed the updating and transformation of its top department complex--Shimao Plaza and New World City--along the western section of the street. This year, a historic eastward expansion was ushered in to link up with the Bund. Next year, Century Square and the surrounding business facilities will be adjusted and upgraded to further enhance the fashionable new appearance of the street's middle section. Thus, the initiatives introduce one highlight after another.

To better display the diverse charms of the street in commerce, the arts and humanities as well as fashion, and to further tap the commercial and cultural value of the business area while creating a unified symbol of global influence, we hereby launch a global program of solicitation for the design of the logo and mascot so as to maintain the vigor of the street's development.

On the date of this announcement, an activity will begin to solicit bids for the design of the logo and mascot of the street. The work produced by the winning bidder will be incorporated into the design elements of the new image of the street for universal adoption. Interested groups and persons are welcome to participate as required by this announcement.

The specific content is as follows:

1. Duration of Solicitation

From the date when this announcement is released to 24:00, December 28, 2020 (Beijing Time)

2. Object of Solicitation

This activity involves the global solicitation of creative design work and invites the participation of interested groups or individuals.

3. Requirements for Participation

The purport of composition should be distinct and readily identifiable as one that fully reflects the historical, humanistic, touristic and commercial characteristics of the street while exhibiting their diversity and richness with novel, trendy and fashionable design ideas. The deliverables should be significantly distinct from other logos and mascots at home and abroad, and they should convey strong visual impact and an overall sense of beauty.

The design work for the logo should be submitted in the RGB and JPG formats to facilitate exhibition in the area of competition. The works must be accompanied by descriptions about design ideas or notes of connotations (less than 300 words).

For the purpose of the mascot's design, a three-view drawing (front, side and back) of the main image must be submitted together with three or more motions designed to express the characteristics of the image. For the naming of the mascot, textual descriptions of the name's origin and story must be submitted for the sake of background (totaling less than 300 words).

The participating author shall retain the 300 dpi source file in the Illustrator, Photoshop or CorelDRAW format so that it can be used for development. The prize-winning author shall deliver the source file to the solicitor of bids and sign the corresponding "Agreement for Transfer of Copyright."

One user (i.e., one name) can upload different works. The selection result will be based on works, meaning that one user name can receive several prizes. For a work that is the outcome of cooperation by multiple persons, it is necessary to obtain the consent of all such persons and indicate all of their names.

A design work must be an original work that has never been published before in any form. It is prohibited to plagiarize any works or be identical to the works of others, to infringe upon the copyright, trademark right and/or other intellectual property rights of others or to violate national laws and regulations.

4. Method of Contribution

Email box for contribution:; filename: "Name of author (entity, institution) + global solicitation of visual image design for the Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road + professional group/public group"; subject of email: "Global solicitation of visual image design for the Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road."

An applicant shall mail his/her work(s) as required below. Otherwise, the applicant will be deemed as having failed to comply with this document and will be denied entry into the selection round for the next stage.

Content of application document and sequence of arrangement:

  • Applicant sign-up document: "Applicant Sign-up Information Form" (see Appendix 1);
  • Design plan for visual image of the Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road: (1) complete design drawings; (2) design descriptions. Note: The design plan shall not contain any word or content about the identity of any applicant; (3) the deadline for contribution shall be subject to the time of reception at the email box designated by the sponsor. Any and all application documents served behind the deadline will be rejected. No application documents that have been contributed will be returned and changed. A separate notice will be given with respect to a design plan that has to be optimized. Other changes, if any, will be subject to the notice given by the sponsor.

5. Selection Process

Selection method

For the purpose of the global solicitation activity, two groups--professional design and public design--will be organized. The selection will take place through a combination of expert selection and public online selection.

Selection process

  • An applicant should submit his/her work(s) to the designated email box:
  • Initial selection: The Expert Review Group will select 30 works each from the professional design group and the public design group. The sponsor will announce the result and send an email to notify the applicants on the shortlist that they will enter the design-plan optimization stage.

Time of initial selection: December 29, 2020 - January 7, 2021.

  • Reselection: The applicants on the shortlist should complete the optimization of design plan within the time limit and then submit their works before the deadline to the designated email box: via an email with the subject line: "Reselection+ name of author (entity, institution) + global solicitation of visual impact design for the Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road + professional group/public group."

Time of submission: January 8 - 24:00, January 19, 2021

  • Final selection

The sponsor will organize the processes of expert selection and public online selection. The result of the final selection will be reviewed by the Expert Review Group and then announced through the "Official Account of the Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road in Shanghai" and the cooperative media.

6. Prizes

A\ Professional Design Group:
Logo Design Prizes
1st Prize (1): 30,000 yuan + prize winner's certificate
2nd Prize (2): 20000 yuan + prize winner's certificate
3rd Prize (3): 10000 yuan + prize winner's certificate

Mascot Design Prizes
1st Prize (1): 30,000 yuan + prize winning certificate
2nd Prize (2): 20,000 yuan + prize winning certificate
3rd Prize (3): 10,000 yuan + prize winning certificate

B\ Public Design Group

Outstanding Design Award (5): 2,000 yuan + prize winning certificate
Highest Popularity Award (5): 2,000 yuan + prize winning certificate
Best Creativity Award (10): 2,000 yuan + prize winning certificate

An applicant winning more than one bonus/prize/award will receive the highest one thereof only subject to the notice from the sponsor;

The sponsor will not pay any other fees to any applicant than the above bonus. If any tax withholding is necessary, the organizer will pay the balance after the withholding to a winning applicant.

If there are two or more winners, they should distribute the bonus in their sole discretion. Any dispute that may arise will have nothing whatsoever to do with the sponsor.

7. Instructions for Participation

The work submitted by an applicant must be created or co-created by the participant himself/herself. The applicant must confirm that he/she owns the complete copyright of his/her work and that the work has never been put to commercial use or been entered in another competition.

Before submitting his/her work, an applicant should make sure that he/she has read and is willing to observe the rules for the solicitation. The sponsor has the right to disqualify any work that has violated the rules from participation. Once a work is submitted, the applicant will be deemed as having accepted and agreed to the rules.

An applicant must provide valid contact information. The organizer will contact the winner within five working days after the result is announced. The applicant who fails to respond to the prize/award winning notice within the time limit given by the sponsor will be deemed as having waived the prize/award.

In the period of solicitation, the applicant shall not transfer or license his/her submitted work to any third party nor use it to participate in any other activity that is the same as or similar to our solicitation activity. The sponsor will not return any work submitted by any applicant.

The winner shall bear sole responsibility for any and all taxes arising from the prize, award and bonus won without the need for the sponsor to additionally bear any relevant costs incurred by the prize, award and bonus that have been won.

After receiving the winning notice, the winning applicant must provide a copy of his/her G2 ID card bearing his/her signature or a sealed business license together with detailed information on the individual(s) or enterprise.

The sponsor reserves the right to the final interpretation of the activity.

8. Review Experts

Alan Chan
Alan Chan

As a designer, brand advisor and artist, Alan Chan led his company in winning over 600 local or international design awards in his 50 years in advertising and design, including the Award for Excellent Chinese Designer of the World issued by the Hong Kong Design Center in 2017. Since 2000 he has made continuous attempts in the field of creation and moved from commercial design to the field of art. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, Singapore, Chicago and Milan, and they have found their way into the collections of the art institutions and private collectors around the world.

Ni Zhiqi
Ni Zhiqi

Ni Zhiqi now works in the Design School of East China Normal University as a professor, creative art director and progenitor for the major of public arts in national-level, first-rate disciplines. He is engaged in contemporary art and public art design as his primary research field, and his works have been exhibited time and again in Asia and Europe, where they were collected extensively. He has presided over the design of public works for approximately 30 five-star hotels, including Shanghai Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Tomorrow Plaza, Shanghai Four Seasons Hotel and Beijing Olympic Press Center Hotel.

Su Bing
Su Bing

As a famous trans-boundary exhibition planner, Su Bing planned the China area of the biennial exhibition held in Niem, France in 2019 and the exhibition project of the National Art Foundation in 2020. Flying his own colors in the field of creative arts in China, he has provided multidimensional cultural creation work for numerous international brands and institutions, and planned nearly 100 Chinese and foreign projects for cultural, artistic and commercial spaces in the past decade. In 2006, he introduced contemporary arts, e.g., device art and multimedia, for the first time into the public field of commercial spaces, thus having global impact and bringing the arts to greater public awareness.

Fang Jun
Fang Jun

Fang Jun is a designer of visual identification and brand packing, the person responsible for exchanges with universities and colleges in the Design Committee of Shanghai Packing Technology Association. A graduate from ESAD de Amiens in France with a DNSEP diploma of excellent grade, he won the title of "Top 10 Outstanding Young and Middle-Aged Designers of Shanghai" in 2018. The well-known Chinese and foreign brands he served include Nestlé, Coca-Cola, OPG, Lamy, PSA, 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Pacific Insurance and Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Today he is a full-time lecturer at the Siva Detao School of Design, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.


1. The sponsor of this activity is Shanghai Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Investment and Development Co., Ltd. ("the Company");

2. The complete copyright of all winning works will be transferred to the Company under the "Agreement for Transfer of Design Copyright" that the authors need to sign. The sponsor has the right to redesign, produce, sell, exhibit and publish the corresponding design plans, while the authors may reserve the permanent right of authorship of the original works.

3. If the sponsor must further improve or develop the visual image of the Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road or design any peripheral products under the assistance of first-prize authors, the latter must act as required by the sponsor and the Company will pay design fees to the authors as appropriate.

4. The sponsor and the organizor have the right to publicize, report, exhibit and publish all solicited works on condition that the name of the author will be indicated.

5. In the event of any dispute over the copyright of any solicited work during the commercial use thereof, the sponsor shall bear no legal liability resulting from infringement upon any right of another person (or entity) by the work, the responsibility for which shall fall upon the author himself/herself.

6. If the winning author waives performance of the copyright-transfer obligation, said author will be deemed as having waived the corresponding prize and/or award.

Source: The Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road