Japanese YouTuber Reveals Travel Tips for Touring Daxi in Taoyuan, Taiwan

Taoyuan City Government Launches Through-Check Baggage and Daxi Express Bus Services to Promote In-depth Travel
Department of Tourism, Taoyuan
2019-04-11 09:00 1142

TAIPEI, , April 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2018, 2 million Japanese tourists have visited Taiwan. Taoyuan City, being its hub, not only is a convenient location, but also rich in food resources. With its historical background, there are many attractions that have evoked Japanese tourists' resonance. Among them were Japanese YouTuber - Sayurin.

Recently, Sayurin has revealed in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, Taoyuan her travel experience in Daxi on her vlog SAYULOG. Located at Taoyuan, Taiwan, Daxi has creatively combined the traditional and modern aspects of life. This is also what attracts Sayurin to stumble upon and marveled "I will come again!"

Japanese YouTuber Sayurin and Sumi with the baby dried tofu - the mascot of Daxi Dried Tofu Festival
Japanese YouTuber Sayurin and Sumi with the baby dried tofu - the mascot of Daxi Dried Tofu Festival

During her tour, Sayurin has visited the 100-year-old monuments, such as the Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum, Tsaiming Temple, Lee Teng-fan's Ancient Residence and Daxi Tea Factory; tastedthe famous dried tofu and traditional savory rice pudding; and watched craftsman make peanut brittle at the Daxi Old Street. She also toured Daxi at night for the city's secret side that is even rarely known by Taiwanese, such as the shiny Daxi Bridgeand the ancient laundry pool that have been hidden underground. The traditional Parade Formation at the Daxi Dried Tofu Festival was another special highlight.

Sayurin said, "Taoyuan is not just where the airport is. There's so much fun things to explore. It's really beyond my imagination!"

In addition to Daxi, Siaowulai, Shihmen Reservoir, Cih Lake and Jiaobanshan are all famous attractions in Taoyuan. Similar to the Daxi Dried Tofu Festival in March, these places also have unique celebrations, such as the Longgang Rice Noodle Festival in April, and the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

With Taoyuan Metro running since 2017, visiting Taoyuan has never been more convenient. Foreign tourists can reach downtown directly, and transfer to the bus to go to Longtan, Daxi, Cih Lake and other touring sites.

The Taoyuan City Government will soon launch the through-check baggage service and the Daxi express bus as part of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service. The enhanced convenience is expected to triggermore in-depth travels in Taoyuan from foreigners. Friends from all over the world are welcomed to experience the tour and the local culture.

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