JNA Announces the Launch of the JNA Jewellery Design Competition Website

2018-07-11 09:30 5398

HONG KONG, July 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- JNA is pleased to announce the launch of the JNA Jewellery Design Competition (JNADC) 2018/19 website, The competition is a unique platform where amateur and professional jewellery designers can hone their talents and follow their artistic pursuits.

Official website of JNA Jewellery Design Competition 2018/19
Official website of JNA Jewellery Design Competition 2018/19



JNA strives to remain at the forefront of the jewellery design industry, facilitating growth and helping creative talents express their individuality by organising the Jewellery Design Competition. The JNADC website provides in-depth information about the competition including important dates, contest categories as well as entry details. The website also boasts a stylish design and is mobile responsive, making it easy for users to navigate using a myriad of web browsers and portable devices.

Sponsored by Crossfor HK Ltd, Platinum Guild International (PGI) and the Tahitian Pearl Association Hong Kong (TPAHK), the competition has three categories - Dancing Stone, Platinum and Tahitian Pearl. Their respective themes are New Fashion Tech, Platinum Attitude and Asymmetric Perfection. Design entries must reflect specific themes while highlighting the respective materials' exceptional qualities.

The JNA Jewellery Design Competition website will be updated on a regular basis. Participants are encouraged to explore the website at To stay connected on social media, follow us on Facebook @JNAdesigncomp and Instagram @jnadesigncompetition.

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JNA is the flagship publication of UBM Asia's Jewellery Group. Launched in 1983, the highly acclaimed monthly trade magazine delivers the latest and most relevant market information on the international gem and jewellery industry. JNA's insightful reports provide true value that fosters synergies and yields business opportunities within the jewellery industry, while its features on design and its stylish showcases provide a glimpse of upcoming trends.

Owned by UBM, which combined with Informa PLC in June 2018, UBM Asia is the largest trade show organiser in Asia and the largest commercial organiser in China, India and Malaysia.

About the sponsors

Crossfor HK Ltd

Established in 1987, Crossfor Co Ltd is the developer of the revolutionary Dancing Stone technology. Based in Kofu, Japan, the company set up its subsidiary, Crossfor HK Limited, in 2007. In March 2011, it launched the patented Dancing Stone mechanism, which sets the centre gem in a semi-floating state to keep it moving incessantly. A leading innovator in the global jewellery industry, Crossfor successfully listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on July 20, 2017.

Platinum Guild International

Founded in 1975, the Platinum Guild International (PGI) is a trade organisation supported by major South African platinum producers. It has specialist teams dedicated to developing demand for platinum jewellery through consumer and trade-facing programmes in the four key jewellery markets of China, India, Japan and the US. Supported by PGI's extensive promotional initiatives, China has been the world's largest consumer market for platinum jewellery since 2000.

Tahitian Pearl Association Hong Kong

With the support of the Ministry of Perliculture of the French Polynesian government and GIE Perles de Tahiti, the Tahitian Pearl Association Hong Kong (TPAHK) was established on December 5, 2007. The TPAHK's mission is to consolidate the prestigious image of Tahitian cultured pearls and spread relevant information about the gem among industry players and consumers, thereby boosting the value of Tahitian pearls and facilitating market growth.

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