Korea Smart Contents Pavilion to unveil 5G killer contents at MWC 2019

NIPA(National IT Industry Promotion)
2019-02-25 16:46 966
  • NIPA organizes joint Smart Contents Pavilion to support strategic targeting of the global 5G market.
  • Salin, Opus One, MINDs Lab and 7 other domestic companies to showcase 5G technology-based services

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A collection of promising Korean smart contents dubbed to be the killer contents in the 5G era will be unveiled at the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on February 25th local time.

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister: Young-min You) and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA, President: Chang-yeong Kim) have organized a joint Korea Pavilion with 10 Korean businesses to target the global 5G market.

*10 Participating Businesses includes: Salin, Stratio Inc Korea, IS Communications Co., Ltd., Apposter Inc., Spacosa Corp., Opus One Inc., Mflare Co., Ltd., Junggam Co., Ltd., MINDs Lab, Mobile Doctor

The Korea Smart Contents Pavilion will showcase core 5G contents with applied VR, AR, AI and IoT technologies to draw the attention of visitors by allowing them to experience useful everyday applications including video streaming and other web services, etc.

The participating businesses aim to target the European demographic with Korean developed smart contents, such as VR Social Media, AI Platforms, Near Infrared Image Sensors, Global Positioning Information Platforms, Content Development Applications and Smart Watchfaces.

  • Salin, CEO Jae Hyun Kim, will introduce 'EpicLive' - their VR Social Media Platform. Users will be able to use EpicLive to enjoy online contents such as movies, concerts, sports broadcasting and other various forms of VOD services without the restrictions of physical spaces through VR technology. Salin aims to discover potential clients in Europe and North America through their participation in MWC 2019.
  • Opus One, CEO Ki-Young Kim, aims to allow customers to monitor the safety of their homes remotely through their DAVV 360 Smart Cradle. The product is a Smart Home Security systems which allows users to access their systems through the DAVV application on their mobiles devices. The company released the product into the Japanese market at Softbank's showroom in January.
  • MINDs Lab, CEO Tae-Jun Yoo, hopes to approach the European market through Maum AI, an integrated artificial intelligence service platform, that can provide individual AI engine API services as well as providing an AI-based English language education service.

NIPA will run the Smart Contents Pavilion in the hopes of supporting the development and the globalization opportunities of the Korean smart contents business. The pavilion will be located at the MWC in Hall 8.1.

NIPA have continued to promote their purpose by searching for content creators, distributors, advertisers and telecommunications companies to select appropriate local buyers and partners in the market.

They are also working hard to improve the achievement of participating businesses by providing behinds the scenes support such as IR pitching events, 1:1 interpreters and network reception services.

There are over 100 business matchings pre-planned with local buyers and investors which raises hopes for successful export contracts and partnerships as well as other new business relations.

Chang-Yeong Kim, the president of the NIPA will also make a visit to the exhibition to further their cause to promote Korean 5G technology-based contents and its excellence.

President Kim will visit the Smart Contents Pavilion to share ideas and opinions related to the businesses' strategies to enter the global market and the potential of expanding their export horizons in response to the commercialization of 5G technology.

President Kim stated that: "It is important for companies to develop and obtain killer contents related to industries with high 5G technological needs, including in shopping, education, sports and medicine. We are planning to provide individualized support for the companies to help with advertisements, marketing and the development of service infrastructure (CDN: Contents Delivery Network) to allow Korean smart contents businesses to dominate the global market."

Media contact:
Jayoung Shim

Source: NIPA(National IT Industry Promotion)