Korean Media Artist Yun Je-ho showcases Media cave exhibition

2020-02-17 15:00 372
  • An experiential artwork that combines light and space, exploring the ideal 'rest' for modern society
  • Vari's presents featured Media Artist Yun Je-ho.

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Vari's creates various content that introduce and promote up and coming media artists with Korea Creative Content Agency. At the same, it also supports Korean media artists by serving as their manager.

The exhibition by Mr. Yun is a media cave in which the computer designs of lights and sounds fill the space; it invites the audience to surrealistic experiences as they walk, explore, and touch the space, creating new narratives.

He creates the image of a cave using lights to provide a shelter where the digital world comes to life, and adds sound to the space to realize the surreal world.

Mr. Yun is also a composer and an audiovisual artist; his interests include experiential exhibitions that combine light and spaces.

Most importantly, Mr. Yun left an unforgettable impression at the opening of 2018 Jikji Korea International Festival, where he installed a glowing cube using mirrors on the truss structure on which he displayed the metal letters of Jikji in 3-dimensional space. He also used the moving head laser to bring the audience into the complex depth of media art.

Mr. Yun says, "people of modern society recognize the online network with floating digital data as their natural habitat, just like the air. 'Resting' in this context where we spend every day in the digital world is aligned with the idea that 'rest' can only be found in somewhere else, not the city we live in, but somewhere different. When we recognize the digital world, no longer new to us, as part of our nature, we can discover 'rest' in the city. Moreover, it can create shelter for urban dwellers who are lost in the digital world due to the use of digital devices."

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