Lifestyle Brand Canvas Launches to Connect People and Communities in Asia

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HONG KONG, Dec. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Canvas, a lifestyle brand inspired to connect people, ideas, experiences and destinations in Asia, announces its launch in January 2019. Comprising a membership programme, hotel and residential developments, and cultural initiatives, Canvas redefines the concept of property development to interpret community outreach and engagement, immersing individuals in cultural heritage, and fuelling commercial and creative energies.

Encompassing a membership programme, hotel projects and residential developments, Canvas seeks to nurture the connections between people and cultures.
Encompassing a membership programme, hotel projects and residential developments, Canvas seeks to nurture the connections between people and cultures.

Canvas is created by ACTS Group, a multi-dimensional developer focused on expanding its operations in Asia. Carl Gouw, founder and serial entrepreneur, envisioned shared experiences and cultural connections between different communities, and this idea became the basis of the brand: "Canvas seeks to inspire and nurture connections between people and cultures. Through the different components of Canvas, we are weaving together the story of creative ideas, cultural diversity and originality."

Canvas encompasses three components: Canvas Place, a hospitality and real estate development arm; Canvas Belong, a membership programme; and Blank Canvas, a platform for creative minds to gather and curate new ideas. With flagship properties across Bali, Hua Hin and Bangkok, every Canvas product showcases the unique beauty of its locations, while building approachable and inclusive networks and raising awareness of sustainability and cultural preservation, intertwining coveted destinations with its people and travellers.

Comprising options for individual and corporate membership, Canvas Belong aims to reinforce local connections and inspire unconventional journeys. Under this programme, Canvas Citizens will enjoy a range of benefits from a welcome life coaching session, exclusive stays at new Canvas Place resorts in Bali and Hua Hin, curated cultural experiences and lifestyle offerings in dining and wellness in five cities, to enriching 'once-in-a-lifetime' events with influential CEOs, entrepreneurs, designers, wellness and sports champions from around the world. This one-of-a-kind membership programme will launch in Hong Kong on 23 January, 2019, then Bangkok and Shanghai the following month.

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About Canvas

Canvas is a lifestyle brand committed to challenging conventions and exploring connections. Launching under the ACTS Group in 2019, Canvas subverts the traditional role of developers by focusing on strengthening networks, enhancing communities and exploring unique experiences. The brand was born out of Founder Carl Gouw's desire to connect people through space, design and neighbourhoods. Comprising a membership programme, hotel and residential developments and cultural intiatives, Canvas seeks to develop inspiration and strives to nurture the connections between people and cultures. Every Canvas product conveys the uniqueness of its location and strives to propel local art, culture, cuisine and commerce into new realms. Drawing people together on a physical, creative and cultural journey, Canvas is individual, progressive and contemporary, providing a new framework for what it means to connect in today's world.

About Carl Gouw

A serial entrepreneur and property developer, Carl Gouw has had a passion for real estate since childhood and launched his career when he was eighteen. With his hands-on experience in project creation and management, and a vision to explore new markets, in 2005 he founded ACTS Group, a property developer and construction enterprise. His wealth of insights and tenure in crafting successful property and hospitality ventures and appreciation for communities sparked the idea for Canvas, a lifestyle brand launching in 2019. With Canvas, Carl envisions to connect and nurture people, ideas, experiences and places through a platform that delivers purposeful experiences through a membership programme, hotel and residential developments.

Carl is also the Managing Director of Goldig Investment Group, an organisation involved in real estate investment since the 1970s who was substantial shareholder of a Hong Kong-listed Guangzhou developer. Committed to enhancing the community and nurturing cultural activities, he is an active member of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation and a former member of its Asia-Pacific Regional Council, a member of PMQ's Assessment Panel, a founding member of the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, and founding Chairman of Culture Care (Hong Kong). He is an advisor to the Hong Kong Church Network of the Poor, and a board member of Hope of the City Foundation. Having written pieces on cultural issues and the business of design, Carl's work has been featured in publications such as Baccarat and Capital Entrepreneur. In 2014, he was included in Perspective magazine's prestigious '40 under 40' list.

About ACTS Group

ACTS Group is a multi-dimensional property investor, developer and construction enterprise founded by entrepreneur Carl Gouw in 2005. ACTS Group has managed over 100 award-winning projects in Asia, spanning the hospitality, residential and cultural sectors. Committed to diversity and inclusivity, ACTS Group and its parent company Goldig Investment Group, who has been involved in real estate investment since the 1970s, bring over 35 years of experience to the industry. Overseeing every stage of a project, from concept and design to project management and execution, ACTS Group adopts a 360-degree approach while seeking new opportunities within the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. In 2019, ACTS Group will launch Canvas, a lifestyle brand delivering purposeful experiences through a membership programme, hotel and residential developments. Through Canvas, ACTS Group aims to develop a strategic footprint in new regions, strengthen relationships in the communities and carefully consider its impact on the broader culture.

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