Likee Holds 'Senam Likee Hebat Juara' with Thousands of Likee Users

Likee encourages its users to have a healthier lifestyle through 'Senam Likee Hebat Juara'
2020-02-20 18:48 1349

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Global video creation platform, Likee, encourages parents to spend more time with their children and adopt healthier lifestyles as a part of digital cultural interaction. Likee is filled with communities that are built around community niches, one of them is Likee Komunitas Indo (LKI) from West Sumatra.

Likee Komunitas Indo (LKI) West Sumatra held Senam Likee Hebat Juara at Carocok Beach, Pesisir Selatan, on Sunday, February 16. In collaboration with Komunitas Remaja Hebat Juara (HJ), the event aims to increase Likee users' awareness of the importance of living a healthier lifestyle by exercising regularly.

"We believe Likee is a platform that unites its users in a positive way in which triggers us to create this event. We hope this event will have a positive impact on the younger generation, to adopt a healthy lifestyle, besides sports activities can help prevent teens from negative activities (drugs, illegal racing, and free sex), and for the older generation it is expected to be able to adapt to technology at this time, so they can provide supervision to their children in enjoying the existing applications," said Hendrajoni, Regent of Pesisir Selatan, who also attended and participated in the event.

Hendrajoni, Regent of Pesisir Selatan, participates in the event
Hendrajoni, Regent of Pesisir Selatan, participates in the event

Through this event, thousands of people and students are encouraged to do joint exercises to maintain their joints flexibility and health. Not only that, but Likee users can also take part in interactive mini games to get official Likee t-shirts and take part in making Likee videos together. The event was also attended by Aveda, a Likee content creator from West Sumatra, who participated in this healthy gymnastics event and she also showed her skill in making short videos on Likee.

"We encourage Likee users, especially parents to spend more of their time with their children in this digitalization era. We also continue to urge users to leverage technology to make positive impacts through features and other Likee offline activities," said Erwin, Manager of Creator Operation Likee.

Likee is now one of the world's most popular apps. It placed as the No. 1 app in 'Top 10 Breakout Apps' list according to App Annie's report of 2019.

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