Look back at your 2019 music journey and learn more about the trends and habits among Indonesia music lovers with JOOX!

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  • JOOX is the most popular and diverse music and entertainment platform in Indonesia
  • Over 425,000 gifts were delivered by JOOX users through the Karaoke function
  • The total streaming time by JOOX users in Indonesia is equivalent to flying around the world on a plane for 58 million times

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As 2019 draws to an end, let's take a look back at what we've been through this past year! Do you recall what your favourite song, artist or live broadcast show is? JOOX unveils the 2019 music playlist roundup in Indonesia, and also reveals local JOOX users' music preferences, habits, interactions on karaoke and live broadcasts. Let's get this started!

Look back at your 2019 music journey with JOOX
Look back at your 2019 music journey with JOOX

How well do you know about Indonesia's music preferences and habits?

JOOX understands how the music streaming habits of its Indonesian users reflect on their daily lives and sleeping time. Two peak hours of when local JOOX users listen to music were recorded – at 8-10am daily when they start the activity of the day, and 8pm when the busy day has subsided and when JOOX users are on their way back home. JOOX also discovered that most Indonesian people like the playlists provided by JOOX, especially those with latest international and local songs, K-Pop, or sad songs.

Other interesting music habits include:

  • The most streaming times are on Saturdays, while the least streaming times are on Mondays
  • Each JOOX user listened to songs for an average of 67 minutes per day over the past year
  • Taking a 3-minute song as calculation, the total streaming time by Indonesia JOOX users is equivalent to flying around the world on a plane for 58 million times

So, what songs are the most popular and most listened by Indonesia JOOX users in 2019?

Top 3 Most Streamed Male Artists:

  • Alan Walker
  • Andmesh
  • Shawn Mendes

Top 3 Most Streamed Female Artists

  • Ariana Grande
  • Nella Kharisma
  • Rossa

Top 3 Most Streamed Bands

  • BTS
  • Seventeen

Top 10 Most Streamed Songs:

  • Top 1: On My Way, penyanyi: Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter
  • Top 2: Cinta Luar Biasa, penyanyi: Andmesh
  • Top 3: Lily, penyanyi: Alan Walker, K-391 & Emelie Hollow
  • Top 4: Hanya Rindu, penyanyi: Andmesh
  • Top 5: Senorita, penyanyi: Shawn Mendes
  • Top 6: Kill This Love, penyanyi: BLACKPINK
  • Top 7: Kemarin, penyanyi: Seventeen
  • Top 8: A Whole New World (End title), penyanyi: ZAYN
  • Top 9: I don't Care, penyanyi: Ed Sheeran
  • Top 10: Harusnya Aku, penyanyi: Armada

Not just about music

Apart from music streaming, JOOX also offers other features to maximize users' music entertainment experience, namely the karaoke function, interaction with fellow JOOX users and live broadcast. JOOX currently has an extensive library of over 30 million tracks, allowing users to enjoy music anytime, anywhere via the JOOX mobile and desk app or its website.

As of today, JOOX has already invited many Indonesian artists to sing with fans via the Karaoke function. More than 9 million karaoke songs have been uploaded to JOOX over the past year. Moreover, a total of 425,000 gifts have been sent and received in 2019.

The top 5 most sung songs:

  • Top 1: Cinta Luar Biasa, penyanyi: Andmesh
  • Top 2: Kemarin, penyanyi: Seventeen
  • Top 3: Hanya Rindu, penyanyi: Andmesh
  • Top 4: Lily, penyanyi: Alan Walker, K-391 & Emelie Hollow
  • Top 5: On My Way, penyanyi: Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter

Through the Karaoke function, JOOX users can also interact with each other by giving likes, comments, and shares. As of today, Indonesia JOOX users have already given out 168,000+ likes and 90,000+ comments in one whole year!

Spoiling K-Pop Lovers in Indonesia

When it comes to the most popular genres among Indonesian people, K-Pop will always stay on the list! JOOX Indonesian users listen to K-Pop music, watch Korean music awards and other programs on the platform. In December, JOOX has livestreamed Melon Music Awards (MMA) and Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), having accumulated more than 1,300,000 views on JOOX with 75,000 gifts being sent out by fans in Indonesia.

Moreover, JOOX has offered exclusive livestreams of the hottest music shows across different regions, including "WINNER EVERYWHERE TOUR ENCORE IN SEOUL", "iKON CONTINUE TOUR ENCORE IN SEOUL", Seoul Music Awards, "M countdown" in January, as well as Korean Talent Show "PRODUCE X 101" in May.

Stay tuned for more music, events and programmes in 2020, brought to you by JOOX!

Enjoy your favourite music and live performances anytime, anywhere by downloading the JOOX app on mobile and desktop on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website. Download now to start your premium music journey today!

Download now to start your premium music journey today!

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