LU Hong Kong Launches First Batch of USD-denominated Fund Products

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Lu International (Hong Kong) Limited
2020-11-19 15:04 947

HONG KONG, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Lu International (Hong Kong) Limited ("LU Hong Kong" or the "Company"), a subsidiary of Lufax Holding ("Lufax"), will launch the first batch of USD Fund Products distributed through its online investment and wealth management platform, the LU Hong Kong App, which aims to provide investors with a more diversified portfolio of currency fund products catering to different risk appetites and investment needs.

The first batch of the USD-denominated fund products distributed on the LU Hong Kong App consists of five different fund products, namely "BNY Mellon Emerging Market Corporate Debt Fund", "BNY Mellon Mobility Innovation Fund", "BNY Mellon Long-Term Global Equity Fund", "Franklin Technology Fund" and "Franklin Biotechnology Discovery Fund".

The LU Hong Kong App currently offers a selection of diverse and extensive high-quality Hong Kong dollar-denominated funds for Hong Kong retail investors. With the new addition of the five featured USD-denominated funds, LU Hong Kong is expected to expand its coverage of different market indexes and asset classes to enrich its product portfolio and provide investors with more diverse and comprehensive investment and wealth management options.

Mr. Cai Hua, CEO of LU Hong Kong, said, "LU Hong Kong has always been keeping a close eye on the global market conditions. By introducing a selection of fund products in a timely manner, we help users stay ahead of the latest investment trends to seize market opportunities. We are thrilled to launch our first batch of USD-denominated fund products. Not only will it enrich our fund product offerings on the platform, it can also satisfy the risk appetite of different investors. Our equity fund offerings also include many highly sought-after sectors such as technology, alternative-fueled vehicles (AFVs) and biotech."

"Given the market expectation of low US Federal Reserve rates to maintain in the foreseeable future, and the continuation of the global quantitative easing cycle, investors who prefer steady returns may choose value stocks with high performance potential on the LU Hong Kong App. Going forward, we will continue capitalizing on Ping An and Lufax's 'Finance + Technology' strengths while selecting high quality fund to enrich and optimize 'LU Hong Kong' fund product portfolio and offer an efficient, high-quality and integrated wealth management experience to our customers."


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Lu International (Hong Kong) Limited ("LU Hong Kong"), is a subsidiary of Lufax Holding. LU Hong Kong is incorporated in Hong Kong and is an SFC-licensed corporation licensed to carry on Types 1, 4 and 9 regulated activities (CE: BIN669). The LUHK mobile application is an online wealth management platform launched on 8 August 2020 in Hong Kong to offer around-the-clock wealth management services.

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