Machbird: a rising new game publisher makes its debut at White Nights

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ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As a rising new global developer and publisher of interactive games and fun experiences from China, Machbird has made its debut at the 2019 Game Developers Conference "White Nights" held in St. Petersburg, Russia, with its new masterpiece game, "Monster Chasers".

Founded in 2018, Machbird has published over 30 popular titles including Amazing Fishing, Pot Shot-Crush Box and Idle Pridon Tycoon. Moreover, more than 12 million players have enjoyed these games with great fun, which has enabled Machbird to become one of the fastest developing game platforms worldwide. According to Mr. Yansong Liu, head of Machbird, Machbird is capable of providing gamers with online games, internet entertainment services and multimedia content development services. By specializing in the manufacturing of entertainment, Machbird is aiming to become the next interactive global entertainment leader.

"All these achievements have revealed the profound experience of the team with more than 100 talents from big brands like Cheetah Mobile, Yodo1 and Elex. They have strong connections with leading social platforms, press outlets, distribution and advertising channels, together with the strong capability of monetization, big data analysis and cloud service globally." Mr. Yansong Liu has been full of praise for the game team.

With a unique hunting mechanism, expressive graphic style, rhythmic background music and smooth game experience, Monster Chasers, the latest action adventure game of Machbird, has attracted a lot of attention during the White Nights conference. With the most advanced touch screen technology and dynamic physics mechanism restoring the original hunting scene, players can shoot monsters with various angles while running. As an operational arcade game, Monster Chasers has a simple core gameplay with the right hand controlling the movement and the left aiming to shoot.

"Although making process comparable to large online games, Monster Chasers uses a unique compression mechanism to limit installation packages within 100M, which is second to none. Even low-end phones can play the game with no difference, which is our commitment to all players," Mr. Yansong Liu promised.

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