Major Bank Nets 467 Percent ROI Using Compuware Topaz for Total Test, says study by Leading Global Independent Research Firm

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Extending DevOps to the Mainframe Through Automated Testing Brings Products to Market Faster, with Higher Quality and Workforce Efficiencies

DETROIT, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Compuware today announced the results of a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Compuware showing a leading bank saved $21.5 million, a 467 percent return on investment using Compuware Topaz for Total Test. In addition, complete payback of the bank's total up-front investment was in less than three months.

Topaz for Total Test automates the creation and the execution of unit, functional, and integration tests on the mainframe. The bank has been using the Compuware solution for just over three years to automate unit testing and has plans to adopt its functional and integration testing capabilities. Benefits also include faster time to market for critical new products, modernization of its mainframe workforce and realignment of staff toward new product development.

The full Forrester Consulting study can be found here.

"Given BMC's most recent mainframe survey findings that 93% of respondents believe in the combined long-term and new workload strength of the mainframe—the highest level of confidence in six years—mainframe software delivery speed and agility are urgent business imperatives necessary to compete in the Age of Software," says Chris O'Malley, CEO, Compuware. "Extending DevOps practices to include mainframe unit, functional and integration testing frees up developers to conduct more extensive testing earlier and maximize their innovation, ultimately helping bring features customers care about to market with tremendous speed and quality."

Unit testing is a process for assessing code quality in small increments, designed to fix bugs early in the development cycle, saving time and costs. The study found that code testing processes on the mainframe were previously manual and time-consuming. Now with Topaz for Total Test, automated unit testing enables the bank's developers to move quickly while maintaining confidence the code is fit for use.

The bank experienced several quantifiable business benefits, all of which factored into the overall 467 percent ROI. The bank's savings and results were realized in the following categories:

  • Increased story point production (business needs assigned to the development team) from an average of 300 per release to over 1,000 due to the elimination of manual testing ($17.8 million in savings);
  • 83 percent decrease of bug leakage into production ($169,647 in savings);
  • 80 percent reduction in time to set up unit tests ($1.3 million in savings); and
  • Faster time to market for two critical projects in fraud prevention and eCommerce step-up authentication ($2.2 million in combined savings).

Modern tools like Topaz for Total Test have also helped the organization hire more than 150 entry-level developers this year alone and reduce time to full developer productivity from nine months, to four to five months. With the burden of manual testing removed, developers can also spend more time and intellectual capital on creative coding and product innovation versus more mundane tasks.

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