Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Ecuador installed Absen's LED screens

2019-11-22 09:07 482

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Mariscal Sucre International Airport has introduced a high profile digital signage system recently. Absen provided the latest generation of the LED display technology.

The airport is located in the eastern of Quito, 25 kilometers from the Historic Center of the city, which represents 9.9% of global passenger traffic. It is the first international airport in Ecuador throughout the Latin American and Caribbean region, and also it is the busiest airport in Ecuador as one of the busiest airports in South America. 

Mariscal Sucre International Airport selected Absen's LED screens with 3.9mm pixel pitch. In total, more than 150 square meters of Absen LEDs were installed not only inside the airport hall but also along the airport corridors. LED screens were installed in different sizes, including 8x2m, 5x3m, 3.5x2m, 6.5x1m, 6x1m, 4x2m, 1x1.5m, 1x2m, 1.5x2m and with double-sided 90° corner led screens.

As a place where passengers will spend their long time waiting for the transportation, the airport has transformed from transportation center to information center. As a result, advertisers get a good chance of filling the "empty" waiting time with commercials.

Thanks to the excellent LED screens with the best visualization, HD definition and high image quality, Quito Airport offers a visual shock and improves passengers' experience. Likewise, advertisers can propagate better information about brands and products, creating higher return on investments in their advertisements. Therefore, the airport became more modern.

"Whether passengers are waiting or walking in the airport lounge, the digital displays screen can create impact with high visibility. For branding platforms, the combination of attractive content and high-impact display tools makes advertising more compelling," said Silvia Guo, the Absen sales director in charge of regional market. "After installation, our client not only thanks for our technical support and solutions but also they will always have a strategic partner here."

For the commercial display, such as shopping mall, retail store, airport and meeting room, Absen has introduced a series of LED displays that support panel to create 90° corner with front & rear installation and maintenance.

Source: Absen
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