Market Intelligence Seminar tackles jewellery industry issues

Seminar addresses China market developments and digital marketing trends
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LAS VEGAS, June 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Market Intelligence Seminar, organised by and JNA, in Las Vegas on June 1, 2018, delved into new trends and opportunities in the international gem and jewellery industry.

The morning sessions covered the latest developments and pressing issues in China's jewellery industry and expounded on digital marketing trends and possibilities in today's jewellery and gemstone sector.

Mr. Julius Zheng, Vice President of the Shenzhen Rough Diamond Exchange
Mr. Julius Zheng, Vice President of the Shenzhen Rough Diamond Exchange

In the "China Jewellery Market Overview" session, Mr. Julius Zheng, Vice President of the Shenzhen Rough Diamond Exchange, gave an in-depth presentation on the latest developments in one of the world's largest markets. He provided valuable insights on sales and marketing strategies to effectively tap and make further inroads in China and other parts of Asia.

In his presentation, Mr. Zheng also touched on challenges faced by the diamond industry, "The proliferation of diamond certificates has lowered the barriers of entry in the market. Concerns on the accuracy of certificates and the proliferation of fake goods are however raising a red flag in the trade," he said.

Mr. Kevin Metz, Chief Marketing Officer of Stuller Inc.
Mr. Kevin Metz, Chief Marketing Officer of Stuller Inc.

The second session, "Digital Era of the Jewellery Industry," was headlined by Mr. Kevin Metz, Chief Marketing Officer of Stuller Inc., one of the US leading manufacturers and wholesalers of jewellery and related products and services. Mr. Metz discussed current digital trends and insights relating to the US jewellery industry. He also shared efficient ways to deliver compelling personalised experiences online as well as effective strategies for engaging with new customers.

Citing the jewellery industry's rapid growth in the era of technological advances, Mr. Metz said customers now seek unique buying experiences and harbour high expectations, "To achieve success, you have to understand your clients, brands and rivals thoroughly. You must then place sufficient resources such as related technology to develop the brand at the right time in the right place, enabling an unprecedented buying experience for your customers," said Mr. Metz.

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About the speakers

Julius Zheng, Vice President, Shenzhen Rough Diamond Exchange

Julius Zheng has around 20 years of experience in the diamond and jewellery markets of China and North America. Actively engaged in industry matters, he has initiated and implemented various projects that connect China's diamond and jewellery sectors with international markets. Since 2008, he has organised several Chinese buyer delegations to international trade fairs and important industry hubs in India, the US and Belgium.

Kevin Metz, Chief Marketing Officer, Stuller Inc.

Kevin Metz is a solutions-oriented professional with 20 years of notable successes developing and directing a broad range of direct-to-consumer retail, e-commerce and catalogue marketing initiatives; and managing the strategic planning in direct support of business objectives. His specialties are Marketing Programme Development (Online & Direct-to-Consumer), Strategic Planning, and International Marketing, among others.

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