Match dating has launched a free one-on-one relationship analysis class for the first time during the Easter season

This class will provide its new students with personal love and relationship information as well as psychological counseling
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HONG KONG, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --The Easter holiday is just around the corner and to help celebrate Match dating, a Hong Kong relationship matching company for single, is signing people up for one-on-one dating classes during the Easter holiday season (from today through May 31). They will be providing a free emotional analysis class which will provide members with single-pair love counseling as well as psychological counseling.

A New Way of Looking at Love and Relationships - Taking a Sentiment Analysis Class
Sentiment analysis is determining whether a piece of writing is neutral, negative, or positive. This is usually not applied to relationships but Match Dating has an innovative and new sentiment analysis Class that analyzes how individual people and think about love, relationships, and potential partners.

By looking at this information the instructors can reinforce healthy habits and patterns while helping to break preconceived notions and negative thought patterns that can be harmful to creating a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

The classes are taught in a one-on-one format, so the members can get the most out of the class. It is easier to be open and honest when you are not in a room full of other people.

Match Dating has unique insights on dating, love, and marriage because they have been professionals in the dating industry for more than 10 years. The leader of Match Dating believes that to achieve and maintain a balanced and long-lasting relationship, first, you need to face your limitations and interpersonal shortcomings and address them. This is why Match Dating is launching this free one-on- one emotional analysis class for the first time this Easter Holiday Season.

Match dating understands that everyone is different. People in different age groups tend to have different relationship experiences and family backgrounds which leads to different expectations and desires towards love and marriage. Therefore, the team will be assisting members to find resolutions to issues concerning their relationship history and experience and will help them learn how to get along with others in a one-on-one setting.

Some areas that will be focused on include helping the members identify and address where past relationships have gone wrong as well as identifying negative and judgmental behavior patterns and be more positive and giving in a relationship. Once these areas are identified the client will be able to work on these issues which will result in being able to find a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Match Dating understands that some people's life experiences include divorce or death or a spouse. The emotional analysis class will help these members through psychological counseling to address their negative feelings towards relationships based on history as well as a place to rebuild their self-confidence and learn how to be open again.

About Match Dating

Match Dating is one of the best one-on-one dating companies in the industry. They use one-to-one targeted matching services to help break the public's stereotypical image of marriage and relationships. One of the ways that Match Dating is different from other dating agency is that they do not believe in speed dating, the reason they do not have their members participate in speed dating is that they feel this leads to their customers experiencing more self-doubt and confusion. Through their innovative one-on-one approach, they can get a deeper understanding of each client which helps them match them to the correct partner while considering background, personality, and relationship expectations.

Match Dating also differs from typical dating app in the fact that the person you will meet will look like the photo presented. Before two people are matched up, Match Dating will ensure they have recent photos. The team will also conduct a series of real person authentications to ensure that both parties of the date meet the basic requirements of the other party. Once the two parties agree to meet, they just need to set the appointment date, time, and catering requirements and everything else will be taken care of by Match Dating.

Adhering to the spirit of providing intimate, secure, and satisfying one-to-one matching services for members, Match Dating is actively developing a larger membership network to brink more matching opportunities to its clients.

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