MEDI FUTURES designated as "Global ICT Future Unicorn"

Achieved USD 2 million in exports within one year of releasing DAVINCI COG
2020-05-22 16:15 1018

SEOUL, South Korea, May 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MEDI FUTURES, a biomedical ultrasound company, was designated by the Korean government as a "Global ICT Future Unicorn." MEDI FUTURES has been an active member of the Born2Global Centre.

MEDI FUTURES has been selected as a Global ICT Future Unicorn.
MEDI FUTURES has been selected as a Global ICT Future Unicorn.

Future Unicorn is a program conducted by the Ministry of Science and ICT to select promising companies that have potential in terms of both global technology and marketability and offer a comprehensive support system that promotes the growth of selected unicorn companies. The Born2Global Centre also provides programs (Boot Camp, PMF (Product-Market-Fit), etc.) that are dedicated to preparing companies for international expansion.

MEDI FUTURES is a biomedical company that develops ultrasound technology. Based on adipose-derived stem cell separation technology that uses an enzyme-free ultrasound method, biomaterials that are harmless to the body and have none of the side effects typical of chemical enzymes can be used for reconstructive surgery. Recently, this technology is being used for not only tissue/cell regeneration but also follicle regeneration research for those who suffer from hair loss.

Within one year of releasing DAVINCI COG, an absorbable medical-use barbed suture that is highly precise and safe, thanks to the company's ultrasound molding technology, MEDI FUTURES has achieved USD 2 million in sales in areas including Japan and Europe.

Kim Ji-min, CEO of MEDI FUTURES, said, "Ultrasound surgery significantly improves the safety of both doctor and patient, owing to its ability to safely cut and fuse tissue together. MEDI FUTURES is able to develop medical devices at a micrometer scale that can be absorbed by the body. We will be working to make our products applicable not only for surgery and beauty care but also in other areas of medical treatment such as ophthalmology and dentistry."

Having obtained CE certification this year, MEDI FUTURES plans to boost its sales in the European market. It will also be collaborating with prominent American companies to expand its exports of surgical devices.

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