Mintegral Launches Gaming Growth Program to Empower Mobile Game Developers in Vietnam

2022-09-06 08:00 12191

The Vietnam Gaming Growth Program will support 10 local small and mid-sized game studios with in-person consulting and a $5,000 credit to help boost app growth.

HANOI, Vietnam, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Global mobile advertising company, Mintegral, today announced the launch of its Vietnam Gaming Growth Program 2022, targeted toward supporting the development of 10 small and mid-sized game developers across the country.

Mintegral Launches Gaming Growth Program to Empower Mobile Game Developers in Vietnam
Mintegral Launches Gaming Growth Program to Empower Mobile Game Developers in Vietnam

The Vietnam Gaming Growth Program 2022 provides participating companies access to solutions from Mintegral's adtech ecosystem, including user acquisition and industry insights from Mintegral experts. Participating businesses will stand to receive a $5,000 ad credit, and a trial of Mintegral's automated creative platform Playturbo - a platform that allows developers to quickly create playable ads and improve campaign effectiveness.

"Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia's largest target audiences for mobile gaming. Despite clear and increasing demand for mobile games, developers continue to face the challenges of a highly competitive and saturated market," said Erick Fang, CPO of Mobvista. "Mintegral's Vietnam Gaming Growth Program empowers participants with skills and resources to create an impact and see results in the market. In doing so, our team also gains on-the-ground insights into market gaps - enabling us to tailor our offerings further, support more developers, and advance the overall mobile gaming vertical."

The Vietnam Gaming Growth Program 2022 is a part of a larger strategy to provide global app developers with a robust, unified marketing technology platform. Mintegral's ROI-oriented approach across user acquisition, ad monetization, and creative development has delivered robust ROI for various companies and contributed to rapid market growth for its parent company, Mobvista. Earlier this month, Mintegral also announced its updated brand identity to achieve greater synergy with Mobvista and its family of brands.

Registration for the Vietnam Gaming Growth Program 2022 will run from the 5th to the 30th of September through the official application form. Mobile gaming studios are eligible to apply for the program. Successful applicants will be contacted by the Mintegral team with further details on the program agenda and timeline.

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