Mlytics & TenMax Partner to Offer AI-driven Video Engagement Solution for Video Stream Companies, Driving Monetization and Conversion

2023-07-28 08:44 2746

SINGAPORE, July 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Mlytics and TenMax, leading technology providers in the video streaming industry, have announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize monetization and conversion strategies for video stream companies. Leveraging the power of AI and video engagement data, this collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive solution that maximizes revenue and enhances user experience.

Mlytics & TenMax Partner to Offer AI-driven Video Engagement Solution for Video Stream Companies, Driving Monetization and Conversion
Mlytics & TenMax Partner to Offer AI-driven Video Engagement Solution for Video Stream Companies, Driving Monetization and Conversion

Locarno, Managing Partner of Mlytics, stated, "We are delighted to partner with TenMax to introduce an AI-driven video engagement solution that will transform the way video stream companies monetize their content and engage with their viewers. By combining Mlytics' leading-edge Video Stream platform recommendation engines, ad relevancy, and analytics focused on interest groups with TenMax's advanced adtech capabilities, we are confident that our joint solution will create a more engaging and profitable experience for both viewers and content providers."

Tony Lepage, Solution Architect at Mlytics, elaborated on how Amazon Web Service (AWS) services play a pivotal role in their partnership with TenMax. "Our collaboration with TenMax is a testimony to the versatile nature of our platform. Our goal was to design a system that effortlessly enhances any pre-existing video platform using AWS Elemental Media Tailor and CloudFront for superior connectivity and robust security. Utilizing the diverse suite of services provided by AWS has not only allowed us to meet these objectives but also exceed them, by equipping our customers with a solid foundation that consistently escalates delivery speeds and integrates seamlessly with AI models, including AWS Rekognition and AWS Transcribe. These AI models are easily toggleable, providing platform owners with the opportunity to capitalize on current trends without having to navigate through a steep learning curve. The three-way alliance of Mlytics, TenMax, and AWS, brought to the fore at the AWS Partner Summit, underscores our commitment to pioneering solutions in the video streaming industry."

As part of the demonstration, Mlytics' AI monetization model showcases its ability to perform object recognition, sentiment analysis, topic detection, transcription, translation, automatic subtitling, and celebrity detection while users watch OTT videos. Mlytics' model also identifies optimal ad insertion points based on various factors, such as timeline graphs, output of sentences, scene changes, viewer engagement, and can be extended with customized AI models to meet the specific requirements of the OTT platform owner.

The analytics data related to ad insertion, generated by Mlytics' AI model, are seamlessly sent to TenMax via API integration. TenMax leverages this data by applying bidding rules, audience segmentation, exit rate analysis, top five recommended ads, and content analysis using Mlytics' model, considering factors like object detection, sentiment, and celebrity recognition. This ensures that ads are highly relevant, personalized to the viewer's interests, and boosts conversion for OTT platform monetization.

This bidirectional data exchange allows for dynamic insertion of video ads and banners, resulting in a seamless user experience and increased engagement.

Furthermore, Mlytics Video Platform provides real-time ad engagement analysis, including the number of viewers at any given moment, historical viewership trends, exit rates, buffering issues, delivery network performance, quality of experience (QoE), and conversion rates. These analytics enable video stream companies to make data-driven decisions and optimize their monetization and conversion strategies effectively.

The partnership between Mlytics and TenMax represents a significant advancement in the video streaming industry, providing video stream companies with a comprehensive solution that harnesses the power of AI and video engagement data. By combining their expertise, Mlytics and TenMax aim to empower businesses in driving revenue growth, enhancing user engagement, and achieving new levels of success in the ever-evolving video streaming landscape.

This groundbreaking solution was recently presented at the AWS Partner Summit Taiwan, highlighting the innovation and value it brings to the industry.

About Mlytics

Mlytics is a leading provider of web optimization and video streaming solutions, empowering businesses with data-driven insights and intelligent automation. With a focus on optimizing customer experiences, Mlytics combines advanced AI technologies with cutting-edge analytics to deliver innovative solutions that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

About TenMax:

TenMax is a technology company specializing in digital advertising solutions for video stream companies. With their advanced capabilities in ad optimization, audience segmentation, and real-time analytics, TenMax empowers businesses to maximize their revenue potential and deliver targeted ads to the right audience at the right time."

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