Mobikor Enters Into a Strategic Alliance with Vietnam's Largest Cartoon Company 'comicola'

2018-11-02 09:00 1535
  • Vietnam's largest cartoon company, comicola, with about 80% of Vietnamese cartoonists
  • Enters into a multilateral alliance for cooperation in the Vietnamese webtoon business, e.g. the cross-supply of Korean cartoons and Vietnamese cartoons and securing the right to publish Vietnamese cartoons in Korea and globally

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobikor (, co-CEOs -- Kim Joong-hwan and Lee jin-woo), Vietnam's first webtoon service provider, announced on October 31 that it entered into a strategic alliance with 'comicola' (, Vietnam's largest cartoon company, for the supply of cartoons and future businesses.

Mobikor attracted the attention of Korean and Vietnamese cartoon/webtoon industry when it introduced Vietnam's first webtoon service, Vinatoon (, to Vietnam last April, and it is making efforts to spread webtoon through cooperation with various channels and companies.

comicola is Vietnam's representative cartoon company and community, established in 2014 by its members with more than 10 years' experience in cartoon production in Vietnam. Currently, 80% of Vietnamese cartoonists belong to comicola. It publishes 70% of all cartoons produced in Vietnam, and uses SNS like Facebook to continuously manage maniacs and fans of cartoonists, and hosted the 'Vietnam Comic Day' for the past few years. It has a very loyal community.

Also, it officially opened the mobile webtoon service that it developed and operates on its own at the end of August, and launched an app for Android and iOS. It is now conducting its first wave of marketing activities for cartoon maniacs in Vietnam.

Through this alliance, Mobikor is supplying 63 Korean webtoons to the new webtoon service of comicola, and already disclosing them sequentially while comicola is doing the translation and localization. It is planning to continuously supply excellent Korean webtoons in the future.

Meanwhile, the global publishing right to comicola's 11 Vietnamese webtoons (Bad Luck / Genie in the hood / Blue Blood, etc.) was delegated to Mobikor, which will supply them to China, Thailand and Indonesia as well as Korea, and Mobikor is going to conduct joint marketing and the O.S.M.U business in order to develop the webtoon market and industry in Vietnam.

Lee Jin-woo, CEO of Mobikor, said, "I am planning to let more people know about Korean webtoons while developing Vietnamese webtoons and cartoon market together with comicola, Vietnam's best cartoon company."

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