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MOOV offers studio-quality music experience
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HONG KONG, April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PCCW (SEHK: 0008) - Hong Kong's largest paid digital music service^ - MOOV, today launches Hong Kong's first 24 bit FLAC lossless music streaming* service. Dedicated to providing the best music experience, MOOV's brand new 24 bit music service will be available through its mobile app. With the introduction of studio master music and upsampling contents, MOOV is now offering world-class best sound quality in music streaming, a step that will lead the industry into a new era.

Miss Eliza Chui, Head of MOOV, said, "MOOV has been one of the pioneers in presenting 16 bit lossless streaming service since 2015 in Hong Kong. Today, as Hong Kong is entering the 5G era, we would like to take this opportunity to raise the standard of what digital music service can offer, that is by bringing 24 bit FLAC lossless music streaming to users on the same day. Integrating the brand new 5G network with advanced audio devices, we aim to set a new standard in music enjoyment, and at the same time bring along positive impacts and create new opportunities for the music industry."

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Hong Kong's first and only music streaming service with studio master tracks*

Studio master tracks are perceived as one of the highest standards in digital sound quality. It aims to reproduce the sound settings inside a professional recording studio, revealing the most intricate details in the recordings, with well-defined vocal and instrumental sound layers, and immersive soundscape. The result is a life-like experience, as if one were inside the recording studio with the musicians. As Hong Kong's first and only music streaming service that provides studio master tracks, MOOV is bringing the truest and purest sounds possible to all music lovers.

Although superior in quality, studio masters have generally never been widely available to the masses, but accessible only to producers, artists and a few industry personnel. MOOV is adamant in providing the best experience, thus creating a platform that can swiftly and conveniently stream these studio master sounds to all music lovers.

Hong Kong's first and only music streaming service with 24 bit upsampled tracks*

MOOV is also Hong Kong's first and only music streaming service that provides 24 bit upsampled tracks which reach 24 bit / 96 kHz. The upsampling involves powerful digital audio filtering algorithms. It is especially useful for real time playback on limited hardware sample rate support. The algorithms contribute to linear performance and better reconstruction filters. It provides a much higher signal-to-noise ratio and headroom for any post processing requirements.

Hong Kong's largest 24 bit FLAC lossless streaming music library# 

The continuing advancement in smartphones and portable music players means there is an increasing number of new devices that can support high-quality music contents. Conversely, some of the most common audio formats on the market, for example MP3 and AAC, tend to over-compress the audio file, reducing its clarity and fidelity.

While the AAC format compresses and reduces the audio file size, it also discards some of the original audio data. The FLAC format, on the other hand, has the benefit of retaining audio data in its entirety. Commonly regarded as the entry-level format among Hi-Fi enthusiasts, 16 bit FLAC format reproduces sound quality that is comparable to CD. However, original and the best sound quality in higher dynamic range may not be able to present perfectly in 16 bit FLAC format due to its lower bit depth. In its latest update, MOOV is now streaming in 24 bit FLAC, a format that can help to capture and reproduce even the most minute details in the audio data, enhancing the dynamic nuance in music.

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With the introduction of 24 bit music service, MOOV will present the largest 24 bit FLAC lossless Canto-pop library for streaming. With more than 20,000 tracks in its vault, MOOV is the best music streaming service for Hong Kong music lovers. The 24 bit music library includes the latest hits from Hong Kong and other regions, bringing together classical and jazz, Hong Kong oldies, Hi-Fi albums and the performances of divas from mainland China. MOOV has also partnered with the largest music content providers from South Korea to import K-pop hits, bringing the latest and greatest music from the world over to the ears of all music connoisseurs.

The most comprehensive and detailed metadata, format and track info#

Along with the "Black and gold" badges in album pages, by pressing the music information button in the music player, users can gain access to various track information, including its bit depth, sampling rate, file format, version, bit rate and file size.

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1O1O / csl mobile partners MOOV for exclusive 24 bit music enjoyment

1O1O / csl 5G customers can enjoy exclusive access to Hong Kong's first MOOV 24 bit FLAC lossless music service from April 1 to June 30, 2020, becoming the first to experience the perfect combination of the best 5G network and the highest quality in music. From July 1 onwards, MOOV 24 bit music service will be available to the wider public in Hong Kong, delivering the best music experience to the whole city.

Mr. Bruce Lam, Managing Director of CSL Consumer Mobile, said, "1O1O / csl mobile is excited to become the first mobile operator in Hong Kong to offer exclusive MOOV 24 bit music service to our 5G customers. 1O1O / csl have always been very committed to delivering only the highest quality services to our customers. Now that MOOV is bringing on board over 20,000 tracks of 24 bit music, together with our ultra-high speed 5G network, this synergy is going to bring higher-level music experience to all."

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^   According to the Acorn Marketing & Research Consultants (International Limited) 2019 Q4 Brand Tracker Survey, MOOV has the largest market share amongst paid music services in Hong Kong.

*   According to MOOV's internal survey of 8 major music streaming platforms operating in Hong Kong. As of April 1, 2020, MOOV is the first and only music streaming platform that provides 24 bit FLAC lossless music in its mobile app, contents include studio master version and upsampled version.

#   According to MOOV's internal survey of 8 major music streaming platforms operating in Hong Kong. As of April 1, 2020, MOOV has the largest 24 bit FLAC lossless music library music in Hong Kong that provides a 24 bit FLAC lossless music library, together with song information such as bit depth, sampling rate, format, version and bit rate in its music streaming platform.

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