Moutai Overseas Job Fair Succeeds in Inviting Talents to Build up Chinese National Brand

Moutai Group
2019-11-18 15:42 520

SYDNEY, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Li Baofang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of the Board of the Kweichow Moutai Winery Group, once stated the internationalisation of Moutai required in-depth knowledge of local markets and skill in the use of local "dialects". Thus, talents who understand and speak "dialects" are indispensable.

On 14th November, the Group Company's "Becoming Moutai People" recruitment talk was held in the University of New South Wales (UNSW for short), which is a world top-tier research institute known as the "Engineering Empire in Australia". The news of the arrival of Moutai, a representative of Chinese wineries, got around fast, attracting many students of the UNSW to attend the talk. Apart from more than 50 overseas Chinese students, local teachers and students interested in Chinese culture also came to learn about the Chinese national enterprise.

The talk began with a video titled Moutai under the Blue Sky. The students were deeply attracted to the beautiful natural scenery of Moutai Town, the long-standing liquor-making techniques and the overseas development process of Moutai. The speaker introduced the status quo of Moutai's development and its shortage of qualified personnel with information about Moutai's "development history", "brand philosophy", "job description", as well as "work environment and treatment", welcoming overseas talents to return to China and make a contribution to the construction of Chinese national brands.

During the event, Moutai's staff gave detailed answers to questions and offered suggestions about career planning for students.

As early as August, 2018, Moutai's "An Embrace with the World, A Fragrance for Australia -- Moutai Culture Visiting Australia 2018" event was held in the UNSW. The Group Company set up Moutai's first overseas scholarship with a donation of USD 450,000 to support the life and study of Chinese students in Australia, in the hope of cultivating more business talents for China and Australia.

This recruitment talk attracted lots of international talents who understand "dialects" and provided diverse occupational opportunities for overseas Chinese students, showing Moutai's determination of taking one step further towards the world market. Moutai is seeking capable people with eagerness and rallying overseas high-level talents for Chinese national brands' and Chinese culture's going global. It is believed that overseas talents will be a continuous driving force and pave the way for Moutai's internationalisation.

Source: Moutai Group