naked Group Announces Three Executive Appointments

Building Momentum for naked Retreats' Future Expansion
2018-11-29 20:27 1078

SHANGHAI, Nov. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- naked Group, a premium lifestyle brand, today announced three executive appointments for its resort business (naked Retreats) - Han Zantingh has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of naked Retreats; Charles Young has joined the company as Chief Operating Officer; and Caspar P. Schmidt has taken up the role of Chief Executive Officer of naked Retreats International Business. The newly structured international leadership team not only showcases naked Retreats' long-term commitments for growth, but also reflects its strategic plan for future business expansion in both domestic and overseas markets.

Han Zantingh joins naked Retreats as CEO with more than 20 years' experience managing business and lifestyle brands. Coming from the Netherlands and with 13 years of high level management experience in China, he has gained a deep understanding of Asian - especially Chinese - market and culture. Han was previously Vice President of Marketing at Carlsberg China, with proven achievements in leading business growth and accelerating innovation by improving and optimizing communications and marketing strategies. Han also led profitable and sustainable business as Managing Director, Asia for Brainjuicer, and TAG Worldwide. After joining naked Group, Han will manage naked Retreats' business performance and development, and will devote himself to creating more opportunities and possibilities for the naked brand.

Coming from the United States, Charles Young is now COO of naked Retreats. He has over 25 years of hotel management experience and worked for 7 different brands, including Hyatt Centric Waikiki, Hawaii, Hilton Key West Resort and Marina and Sunset Key Guest Cottages and Marriott Hotel Hollywood Beach in the United States to name a few. Within global competitive markets, he is adept in proactively driving world-class hospitality growth initiatives by maximizing bottom-line results and delivering service excellence while cultivating a strong employer image with superior quality. Charles will focus on the operation and management of naked Retreats, lead superior customer service, as well as accelerate business development throughout China and the world.

Caspar P. Schmidt is the CEO of naked Retreats International Business. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, he thrives in operating multiple million-dollar assets for owners and consistently delivering excellent above-market results. Caspar has tremendous experience in hotel brand development and business pitches for large hotel projects and is a preopening specialist, with a solid understanding of how to restructure existing businesses to make them more profitable. Before joining naked Group, he held the role of Group COO of Sydney's boutique hotel brand Veriu; he also spent 13 years with Toga Far East Hotels in several senior management positions in Australia and Europe. In the future, Caspar will have the overall responsibility for all commercial operations of naked Retreats' overseas businesses to achieve the strategic development goals in new markets.

As the core business of naked Group, naked Retreats is renowned for its unique design and high-quality service and has become a must-visit destination in China for travelers. In 2017 naked Castle was opened, and it has become a new benchmark for premium resorts in Moganshan, together with naked Stables. naked Retreats remains committed to connecting people to live light, healthy and sustainably. Moreover, it will deepen cooperation within the industry and keep curating immersive local experiences in pristine environments for all guests by developing long-term market strategies to make naked Retreats a world-renowned resort and lifestyle brand.

About naked Retreats

naked Retreats is committed to creating resorts and lifestyle brands that brings people closer to nature, starting with naked Home, a boutique resort; and then naked Stables, the first resort in China to receive the highly coveted LEED platinum sustainability certification; as well as naked Castle, a new benchmark for premium resorts in Moganshan. naked Retreats is expanding rapidly with several more resorts in the pipeline in China, such as naked Water (Suzhou), naked Orchard (Suzhou) and naked Spring (Shaoxing). In addition, naked has also been working on a project based in Nanjing. naked is rethinking how we connect with people, places, nature and ourselves with its mission is to get everyone to "Live naked".


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