New beverage brand "TW POP" from Tsit Wing now available at 7-11

Canned salty lime soda perfectly recreate authentic Hong Kong flavour

HONG KONGNov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tsit Wing International Holdings Limited ("Tsit Wing", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group") (HKEX Stock code: 2119), an integrated B2B food and beverage solutions provider, established a new beverage brand "TW POP" and in partnership with F&N – one of the largest bottlers in Singapore/Malaysia, to recreate a classic Hong Kong-style beverage into a canned soda beverage. Salty lime soda is a pilot product under the "TW POP" brand, and first appears in restaurants in the form of special soft drinks. Canned salty lime soda is now available in 7-11 and will later be distributed on HK TV Mall so the public can enjoy this classical Hong Kong flavour - salty lime soda anytime, anywhere, with just a simple pull of the ring.

Rooted in Hong Kong for 88 years, Tsit Wing is committed to promoting local food and beverage cultures. The latest beverage brand "TW POP" is one of its efforts to bring more flavors and better taste to everyone. "POP" has the dual meaning of a fizzy drinks or a popular trend, representing the brand's vision to bring different flavour pops to the consumers. "TW POP" is dedicated to pursuing the ultimate taste and creating a nostalgic experience. "TW POP" extracts the classic Hong Kong-style salty-lime flavour into a handy can. Will just a ring pull, you can enjoy the tangyness of lime, mixed with a tantalizing salty flavour in a rich soda foam that stimulates your palate, leaving you to crave for more.

Tsit Wing cooperates with MONIN, its sole authorized agent of the French luxurious syrup brand, in bringing local restaurants a series of special drinks. Canned salty lime soda is firstly available at 7-11 and later on HKTV Mall that the public will be able to enjoy this authentic Hong Kong flavours anytime, anywhere.

Mr. Bernard Kam, Group Operating Officer – Marketing of Tsit Wing Group, said, "Tsit Wing has a coverage of up to 60% of the food service outlets in Hong Kong, and is an important part of this unique culture. We hope to recreate this classical Hong Kong beverage under our new brand "TW POP" and extend to the B2C market to provide the consumers with an extraordinary tasting experience."

About Tsit Wing International Holdings Limited

Tsit Wing is a leading integrated B2B food and beverage solutions provider in Hong Kong, Macau and the PRC with 88-year heritage. According to research, coffee sold by the Group translates into almost 337.7 million cups of coffee and 403.2 million cups of milk tea per year. Tsit Wing commenced its frozen meat business in Hong Kong and the PRC since 2013 and has been dedicated to developing an integrated food and beverage solutions platform for its customers.

Source: Tsit Wing International Holdings Limited
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