Nexteer Automotive Showcases Mobility Megatrend Solutions at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

SHANGHAI, April 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Nexteer Automotive will display a full range of steering, driveline and software technologies at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show from April 18-27, showcasing how the company, as a global technology leader, solves motion control challenges across all megatrends in the automotive industry. 

Nexteer's booth (1BC011 in Hall 1.2) will feature a vehicle concept display that highlights the seamless integration of Nexteer's innovative motion control solutions (both hardware and software) into a future software-defined vehicle. The display will highlight how Nexteer technologies, such as Steer-by-Wire (SbW), stowable steering column, high-performance halfshafts, steering software and more, support the various megatrends.

"Mobility megatrends are redefining the industry by changing how people and goods get to their destinations, but they also present technical and business opportunities for OEMs and suppliers. Nexteer's comprehensive product portfolio – combined with our history of seamless vehicle integration and experience with more than 60 OEMs globally – helps us solve our customers' unique motion control challenges by enabling advanced safety and performance for future mobility," said Robin Milavec, President, CTO, CSO and Executive Board Director, Nexteer Automotive. "We encourage everyone attending Auto Shanghai to visit our booth to experience Nexteer's innovative motion control solutions and see first-hand how we're accelerating mobility to be safe, green and exciting."

At Auto Shanghai, Nexteer will display technologies that solve challenges across Electrification, ADAS/Automated Driving, Software/Connectivity and Shared Mobility including:

Steer-by-Wire (SbW) with Stowable Steering Column: SbW replaces the mechanical connection between the handwheel and roadwheels with algorithms, electronics and actuators. SbW opens the gateway to benefits that are not achievable with traditional steering solutions. SbW supports all ADAS levels and can enhance stability control, reduce braking distances and is a preferred enabler for Park Assist and Automatic Emergency Steering (AES). SbW supports cost efficiency through hardware standardization – enabling OEMs to re-use components across various platforms (i.e., EVs, ICEs left-hand drive, right-hand drive and across all levels of automation). SbW also opens new possibilities for flexibility in underhood packaging – an important consideration for EV battery packaging.

Nexteer's Stowable Steering Column utilizes custom-designed software and electronics that allow the steering wheel to be retracted into the dash and away from the driver when not in use. When paired together, Nexteer's SbW with Stowable Steering Column opens a new world of cockpit design options and changes how drivers can use their vehicles – creating the opportunity for OEMs to re-invent and re-purpose the driver's cabin space. For example, when SbW is coupled with Stowable Steering Column during automated driving, additional space is created for the driver to engage with other activities. This technology can also be used for traditional driving vehicles. When the vehicle is in park, Nexteer's Stowable Steering Column can extend the usable space in the vehicle cabin, creating a more spacious office-on-wheels.

High-Output & Modular Options for Electric Power Steering (EPS): Nexteer's complete line of underhood High-Output EPS systems offer increased output capabilities to meet the needs of heavier vehicles such as EVs, without the need to move up to more premium EPS technologies. High-Output EPS can also help convert heavier vehicles like light commercial vehicles from hydraulic to electric power steering – enabling them to benefit from EPS's added safety and performance features. In addition, Nexteer has expanded its cost-effective modular and platform design for Column-Assist EPS and Rack-Assist EPS. These leverage Nexteer's existing, industry-leading EPS building blocks to achieve scalability for Nexteer and flexibility to meet a wide range of OEM customers' requirements.

Lightweight & Efficient Driveline Solutions: Nexteer's wide range of halfshaft technology solutions offer lower mass, high durability and excellent noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance. For example, Nexteer's halfshaft designs can meet expanded fatigue requirements due to increased torque and regenerative braking needs in EVs, and the Company's specialized joint types can be used for enhanced NVH and efficiency needs due to the quietness of EVs.

Steering Software Solutions: Nexteer is a global expert in steering feel software – offering proven, high quality, safety-critical steering feature development. The Company's global software team works together seamlessly across regional locations to drive operational excellence into its software development process. Nexteer's software portfolio includes: Software for Advanced Steering Features and Functions; Road Surface Detection; Vehicle Health Management; Brake-to-Steer; and Safety / Cybersecurity. These solutions increase safety, performance and convenience across all ADAS levels and in connected environments via software-defined vehicles.

Nexteer will be at Auto Shanghai at Booth 1BC011 in Hall 1.2 of the National Convention and Exhibition Center from April 18 to 27, 2023.

About Nexteer Automotive

Nexteer Automotive (HK 1316) is a global leading motion control technology company accelerating mobility to be safe, green and exciting. Our innovative product and technology portfolio includes electric and hydraulic power steering systems, steer-by-wire systems, steering columns and intermediate shafts, driveline systems and software solutions. The company solves motion control challenges across all megatrends – including electrification, software/connectivity, ADAS/automated driving and shared mobility – for more than 60 customers around the world including BMW, Ford, GM, RNM, Stellantis, Toyota and VW, as well as automakers in India and China.

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