Okinawa City Tourism Promotional Video "Chim Don Don KOZA" Now Streaming -- Place to See "Another Okinawa" Full of Exotic Feel

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OKINAWA, Japan, Feb. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

- Musical Movie Full of Fascinations about Okinawa City/Koza -- City That Makes Your Heartbeat "Chim Don Don" with Excitement -

Okinawa City is pleased to announce that it has created a promotional video, titled "Chim Don Don KOZA," to introduce at home and abroad a wide variety of tourist attractions that the exotic Okinawa City/Koza has to offer. The video, accompanied by music, was released on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

"Another Okinawa: What is Okinawa City like?"

Located in central Okinawa Island, Okinawa City is known for "eisa" (traditional folk dance) and music, an exotic city that has cultivated a distinctive "champuru (something mixed) culture" -- a mixture of Okinawan and foreign cultures, with many foreign-born residents and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The tourism promotional video spawned from its wish for more people to know and visit Okinawa City/Koza, the city of unique culture.

The concept is "Chim Don Don KOZA." "Chim don don" is an Okinawan phrase to express heart-throbbing excitement, its uplifting feeling and sensation. The concept implies its wish that many people visit Okinawa City/Koza and make their heartbeat "chim don don" with the experiences there.

Today, over 80% of domestic and international tourists to Okinawa are repeaters. The forms of their trips have been shifting from conventional arranged tours and package trips to free roving. It calls your attention to an experience of another Okinawa that is yet to be known, different from other regions, and only possible in Okinawa City/Koza.

"I encountered another Okinawa… it was too good to be left unknown."

The main character is a young woman who comes to Okinawa City for sightseeing on her own. The footage opens with a phrase, "I want to say goodbye to my everyday life of endless tears."

Over musical-style music, the story develops as the young woman encounters tourist destinations, gourmet and fashion unique to Okinawa City/Koza, communicates with local people, and makes her heartbeat "chim don don" (throb with excitement).

The combination of "eisa," cheerleaders' dance, and musical at the final scene is mind-blowing. Its citizens add to the excitement of the footage by appearing here and there. Don't miss the "Kozanchu" (Koza native) beauties appearing one after another in the video.

Okinawa City tourism promotional video / "Chim Don Don Koza"

- Release date: Thursday, February 8, 2018
- Special website: KOZAWEB, Okinawa City's tourism portal:
- Content: The main footage is a movie over 8 minutes. 
                 8 shorter versions introduce Okinawa City in 8 categories.
                 Others -- 30-second and 15-second digest versions (one video each)

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Memorable moments from the video shooting

Ms. Kotone Furukawa was selected from an audition of many candidates from newcomers to experienced actresses. Still a college student, she is making her video debut with this shooting; what a Cinderella girl.

The video shooting took place in winter in Okinawa City/Koza, where temperatures may go below 10 degrees Celsius. The shooting staff was amazed by Ms. Furukawa's fascinating acting performance that it did not look like her first video shooting. She performed her part brilliantly in a grueling shooting that took from dawn to midnight.

In addition, on the set, she experienced the "champuru" culture by actually getting in touch with many local people. At the shooting of the final "eisa" scene at the square in front of the City Hall, people from the neighborhood came over having heard the sound of the "eisa," resulting in an epic scene.

Actress' profile

Main character: Kotone Furukawa
Born October 26, 1996, in Kanagawa Prefecture
Good at dancing (ballet/hip-hop), gibberish
College student. This project marks her video debut.

Local municipality: Okinawa City
Supported by: Okinawa City Tourism and Promotion Association

Video shooting locations thanks to the support of:

Trip Shot Hotels Koza / Arcade Resort Okinawa Hotel & Cafe / Patch Shop Tiger EMB / Southeast Botanical Gardens / Okinawa Zoo & Museum / Charlie's Tacos / Freedom Coffee Shop / Plaza House Shopping Center / Gintengai / Club Queen / Galaxy / Red Kitchen & Cafe / Okinawa City Hall Square / Dushibi (traditional Okinawan folk song bar)

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