Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau Holds "MICE Business Meeting/Opinion Exchange Session"

- Buyers Invited from Five Taiwanese Companies Considering Holding MICE Events in Okinawa -

NAHA, Japan, Nov. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) held an event dubbed "2019 Okinawa MICE Project 'MICE Business Meeting/Opinion Exchange Session'" in Okinawa city on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, with a total of 24 travel agencies invited from Asian countries and regions as buyers. Out of these, five companies invited from Taiwan held business meetings with 31 firms in such sectors as hotels, tourist facilities and travel agencies in Okinawa Prefecture offering invitations to hold MICE events.


After that, the participants enjoyed team building through the traditional Okinawan culture of "Eisa" dance and a tuna-cutting show, and then took part in an exchange of opinions that started with a greeting from Michio Tokashiki, Deputy Director General in charge of Tourism Policies, from the Okinawa prefectural government's Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports representing the organizers. "I hope that through MICE projects, you will take back the impression that Okinawa MICE will succeed," Tokashiki said. They enjoyed the tastes and attractions representative of Okinawa, such as a catering menu using Okinawan ingredients and "awamori" distilled liquor, a live "sanshin" (three-stringed musical instrument) concert and an Eisa performance, a welcome speech by Miss Okinawa, and "Kachashi" dance with all the participants, amongst others. Ms. Chu Yi Jung from Lingo Travel said, "This was my first time to participate. It was significant being able to hear directly from hotels and restaurants, tourist facilities, etc. in the business meeting."

Although it is part of Japan, Okinawa has a unique history, culture and natural environment. It has fostered cross-border exchanges and fusion, and its "Spirit of Bankoku-shinryo (meaning a bridge to the world)," which supported Okinawa's prosperity since the Ryukyu medieval period, has been passed down to date. Okinawa, which connects countries and people, wisdom and business, is also a node that opens up and changes the future.

Making the most of this background, business tourism, which is expected to have significant economic effects on Okinawa Prefecture, has been positioned as an innovative factor in tourism, and the prefecture is promoting all kinds of MICE events such as conferences and incentive tours of companies from inside and outside Japan, international conferences and events, etc. As the value that the Okinawa MICE brand offers, it presents "a place to find inspiration and creativity," and it has advanced various efforts to promote MICE.

"Okinawa" is a business city with a well prepared resort environment that represents Asia. A special experience here will surely charge visitors with the energy to move towards the future and fill them with boundless inspiration like the ocean.

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Source: Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau
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