Okuma's Thermo-Friendly Concept Achieves Cumulative Sales of 50,000 Shipments

2019-12-02 13:30 1052

OGUCHI, Japan, Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Okuma Corporation announced on December 2, that its cumulative sales of machines equipped with the Thermo-Friendly Concept (TFC) have reached 50,000 units. Okuma developed the TFC based on the unique idea of "accepting temperature changes," and in 2001 launched the MB-46V vertical machining center designed with a breakthrough application of the TFC.



The MB-46V was highly evaluated for its extremely stable accuracy immediately after its release, and the MB-V Series with the TFC was also developed for the MB-56V and MB-66V. Since then, the number of models designed for the TFC has increased to include horizontal machining centers, lathes, multitasking machines, and large double-column machining centers.

Thermal deformation greatly affects the machining accuracy of machine tools. Normally, in order to obtain stable machining accuracy, various cooling and insulation approaches like machine warm-up operation, temperature-controlled rooms, etc. have been required.

The TFC contributes to improving productivity by reducing machine warm-up operation and dimensional compensation tasks by stabilizing machining accuracy. Dimensional change is minute even with long, continuous die/mold manufacturing, and post-process polishing jobs can also be considerably reduced.

In addition, the TFC package includes Okuma's ECO suite energy-saving technology, which permits the operation of cooling equipment only when necessary, thus greatly reducing power consumption.

After 18 years since its launch, the TFC continues to evolve with AI and other cutting-edge technologies. Okuma will strive to provide more effective machine tool applications through further research and development, and will continue to pursue "machines that are easier for humans to use."

About Okuma Corporation

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Source: Okuma Corporation Japan