Olive Oils From Spain's World Tour Visits Shanghai

Olive Oils from Spain
2019-05-09 10:00 671

Olive Oils From Spain Partners With the European Union to Educate on European Healthy Lifestyle & Mediterranean Diet

SHANGHAI, May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The three-year global promotional campaign of "Olive Oil World Tour" launched by Olive Oils from Spain in collaboration with the European Union has come to Shanghai, the fashion capital of China. It is the second stop of the global promotional campaign in China since the official launch in Beijing last September. Olive Oils from Spain will continue to bring the unique culture of olive oil, Mediterranean Diet and the European healthy lifestyle to Chinese consumers. The event, which was held on the 8th of May, was the official launching of the campaign for the second year of activation. The official presentation was a cooking demonstration.  

Olive Oils from Spain presentation in Shanghai
Olive Oils from Spain presentation in Shanghai

As an important milestone of "Olive Oil World Tour", the promotional campaign with the theme of "Olive Oil Makes a Tastier World" this year will demonstrate the features and diversity of Olive Oils from Spain as well as its versatility in Chinese cuisine through a variety of the BTL demonstration events.

For the initial activation of this second year, Mr. Hu Yuanjun, a famous chef, culinary expert and gourmet columnist in China, was invited to lead a live demonstration of cooking Chinese dishes with Olive Oils from Spain, which showed the perfect combination of olive oil and Chinese cuisine. "Olive oil is the best and healthiest cooking oil, 100% fresh fruit juice, versatile and with several healthy benefits which can be cooked at high temperatures with different cooking methods — frying, deep-frying, cooking, boiling, etc. Moreover, olive oil has its unique fruity flavor, which helps to enhance the flavor of ingredients and make the dishes more delicious, so it is ideal for Chinese cooking," said Mr. Hu Yuanjun.

This year, the objective of 'Olive Oil World Tour' is to continue reaching new consumers; for this, a strategy has been proposed that will include, as it was already done in 2018, an action with final consumers. In December, a particularly active month for international travelers, the Olive Oils of Spain will land in one of the main international airports in the country, Guanzhou Baiyun to bring travelers the culture of olive oils.

Around 70% of the oil that is produced in the world is born in European olive groves, which occupy 55% of the world's surface dedicated to this crop, with just over 6 million hectares, of the 11 million spread over the five continents. In the European olive grove Spain stands out as the first power.



Source: Olive Oils from Spain