On-us Selected for the Prestigious Visa Accelerator Program, Revolutionizing Loyalty of the Future

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HONG KONG, SINGAPORE and TAIPEI, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On-us Company Limited ("On-us" or the "Company"), a leading fintech innovator specializing in comprehensive incentive ecosystems, is thrilled to announce its selection into the highly competitive Visa Accelerator Program. This significant achievement underscores On-us's commitment to innovation and excellence in the financial technology sector, where On-us is using its fintech capability to embrace customer loyalty. By integrating advanced financial technologies with marketing strategies, On-us enhances customer engagement and loyalty through personalized, data-driven campaigns.

from left to right: Dennis (CEO), Honnus (CSO), Patrick (COO)
from left to right: Dennis (CEO), Honnus (CSO), Patrick (COO)

Visa, a global leader in digital payments, has announced the five startups selected for its 2024 Accelerator Program in Asia Pacific from applicants around the world. Emerging from over 300 applicants worldwide, On-us was chosen as one of the final five startups after passing through multiple rounds of rigorous interviews. The rigorous selection process underscores the program's global reach, high standards, and reputation for fostering groundbreaking innovation. On-us has been selected to participate in the "Loyalty of the Future" category, highlighting its pioneering efforts in transforming digital incentives and customer engagement.

On-us's collaboration with Visa enables the launch of a seamless incentive redemption journey through advanced technologies such as machine learning and AI, along with innovative card verification and virtual card solutions. This partnership drives consumer card spend through e-vouchers, facilitating real-time, automated B2B voucher payments to merchants. This technology ensures secure transactions and provides valuable insights for marketers, consumers, and merchants.

Kunal Chatterjee, Head of Innovation, Asia Pacific says, "Visa is at the forefront of building the commerce of tomorrow, and the Visa Accelerator Program in Asia Pacific is a testament to this commitment. We want to foster a dynamic environment for collaboration and co-creation within our vast ecosystem. Through collaborations with Visa's payment experts, product architects, and business development teams, these startups are equipped to drive tangible outcomes. We look forward to creating new fit-for-purpose products and solutions that are commercially scalable with our clients and partners."

"Our ability to leverage Visa's unparalleled global network combined with our cutting-edge technology sets On-us apart," said Dennis Shi, Founder & CEO of On-us. "Our solutions offer unmatched flexibility, personalized campaigns, and comprehensive data analytics, making it easier for businesses to connect with their customers and maximize their marketing ROI."

Stay tuned as On-us continues to push the boundaries of innovation, expanding its reach and delivering unparalleled value to its partners and customers.

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