ONO, the First Blockchain-based Social Network in China, Officially Announces Run for EOS Super Nodes

The campaign for the EOS Global 21 Super Nodes Officially Kicks off
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BEIJING, March 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The campaign for the 21 super nodes around the world has become the biggest hot topic in the Internet and in venture capital circles recently ever since the main-network of EOS came online two months ago. Today, ONO, the first blockchain social network, has announced that it will officially run for the EOS super nodes, indicating its campaign for the EOS global 21 super nodes has officially kicked off.

Today, DApp ONO (, the first blockchain-based social network of China, has simultaneously issued the news on founder and CEO Xu Ke' s micro-blog and ONO's official micro-blog, stating that ONO will formally participate in the bid for EOS 21 global super nodes. Shortly after, in an official ONO telegram group, ONO said: "This is an exciting time! World-wide participants of the EOS ecosystem coming together in the bid for the global EOS super nodes will be responsible for serving all humanity! ONO is ready to provide computing and bandwidth support for global network users. If the bid is successful, ONO will build an appropriate network for the entire ecosystem along with the other 20 super nodes around the world."

The founder and CEO of ONO Xu Ke announced that she is running for EOS Super Nodes
The founder and CEO of ONO Xu Ke announced that she is running for EOS Super Nodes

As to why ONO chose to engage in strategic planning with EOS, it is speculated that ONO will be rolled out by the end of April, implementing an invitation system to limit access toselect few seed users. The migration of EOS is the key to satisfying the community operation needs and is also related to setting the tone in early social network construction. It has been reported that the improved EOS is able to support large-scale active users and is fully appropriate for use in the social media field. When the EOS main line is officially released and meets the requirements, ONO will also migrate from EOS Testnet to the EOS main network. Based on this strategic relationship between the two parties, it is clear that ONO is important for EOS.

As of early March 2018, more than 50 organizations or institutions worldwide have applied to become EOS super nodes. Whether or not ONO will become the dark horse is worth looking forward to.

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