Otr Elkalam: In the world's largest religious competition - A Saudi Opera Singer Eliminates a Voice Coach

Otr Elkalam
2023-03-28 05:52 1403

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The fourth episode of the Otr Elkalam show, dedicated to the international Quran and adhan competition, one of the initiatives of the Saudi General Entertainment Authority, witnessed the competition of the Saudi Mohammed Al-Sharif, who presented performances in several Arab opera houses, with the Mauritanian contestant Ag Amar, a trainer of phonetics for imams and preachers in Sharjah, UAE. The competition between the two contestants in the Adhan track was intense, but the jury decided in favor of Al-Sharif after his distinguished performance, which helped him move to the next stage.


Al-Sharif, who performed previously at the Opera House of Oman and the Egyptian Opera House, was able, through his beautiful vocal capabilities, to present an excellent performance through his melodious adhan. This helped Al Sharif to eliminate his rival, who had participated in several international competitions, including the Egypt International Competition, the Algerian International Competition, and other competitions in Mauritania and Qatar.

In the recitation track, the Egyptian contestant Ahmed Ismail, a specialist in Arabic language and recitations, managed to eliminate his Moroccan competitor, Abdelbaset Warash. Ismail performed with a pure voice and flexible tones, which was evident in his use of the maqam of Sika. His recitation touched the ears and hearts of viewers of the show, which is broadcast daily on MBC1 and the Shahid digital platform at 4:30, Riyadh time.

The competition episodes can be watched on the show's YouTube channel through the link: .

It is broadcast daily on MBC1 and the Shahid digital platform. The competition is the largest in terms of the number of contestants and prizes that total $3.3 million. The first-place winner in the Quran recitation track gets $ 800,000, while the first-place winner in the adhan track gets $534,000.


Source: Otr Elkalam